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Conair Deluxe Fabric Steamer

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Really disappointed


I got tired of ironing my dresses and slacks. I needed something different and more convenient. I had to change settings on the iron, worry if it was too hot and it was just too much. We purchased this steamer when it was on sale. Besides being on sale, I read good reviews. What a disappointment! PROS- It does heat up fairly quickly. -The water reservoir hold a good amount of water -No worries about burning your clothes -No having to adjust the temperatures -The hanger on it makes steaming a lot easier -safer for your garments -lightweight and portable CONS- It drips quite a bit -In a matter of 6 months I had 2 replace it twice. It just stopped blowing steam and dripped a lot. Thank goodness we had a protection plan -Due to having to hang it, it was hard to steam parts of the shirt on the back I definitely wouldn't recommend it. Yes, it does get wrinkles out and is less work, but apparently it's not too great if it quit twice in a 6 month period. The leaking was just frustrating as well. I went back to ironing. -

Dallas, TX


Has made ironing a thing of the past.


I purchased the Conair steamer to help with making my waredrobe look better.  I hate to iron and really didn't like having the iron upstairs in a bedroom with my clothes.  I had always wondered about steamers and having used one when I worked in a retail years back, I knew they were an easy way to freshen up closet wrinkled cloths.   Of course those were professional steamers and I didn't want to spend the money on one.  I tried out the Conair steam and I have to say I am impressed.   The steamer is small, portable, lightweight and hides in my closet out of view.  The water container holds plenty.  I have easily steamed an entire load of laundry without have to refill.  The steam is powerful and plentiful. It includes a hanger for shirts and pants, although I mostly steam my garments on their own hanger, right on the steamer's hanger apparatus.  The Conair Steamer works extraordinarily well on silk, cashmere sweaters, and t-shirts.  It does a great job of removing wrinkles.  I don't think it's quite perfect for the task of putting in dart on pants or creases.  If you like the starched, crisp look, you are better off sticking with an iron.  If you are looking for a very affordable, quick and easy way to de-wrinkle, this steamer will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe.  

Lakewood, OH


Conair Deluxe Fabric Steamer

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