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Conair 1875W Hair Dryer

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Conair 1875W great.


I have this hair dryer for over 5 years and it's as if it's brand new. It's very durable and not bulky. It doesnt come with crazy accessories. Its simple to use and does a great job. It heats evenly and dries quickly. I get home late for work at nights and I dont have time to let my long hair air dry before I head to bed. I would use this 5 to 10 minutes and I'm good to go. Also the price is very reasonable. I would definitely purchase this again if needed.


Springfield PA


Extremely durable!


I got my Conair 1875W Hair Dryer ten years ago and was the best hair dryer I ever owned. I have very thick and long hair and this Conair hair dryer dried it in about five minutes every time. I loved the fact that it was so small. That made it easy to store and really easy to fit into my suitcase whenever I would go anywhere. It was a little loud, but, honestly, I have never seen any hair dryers that were not loud. I could not have been happier with the quickness and thoroughness of the drying time of this Conair hair dryer. I had it for ten years and it just recently broke. I am planning on getting another just like it. Noise Level I have never seen a hair dryer that was not loud. Durability This Conair 1875W Hair Dryer lasted me ten long years! I used it almost every day too! It is the most durable hair dryer that I have ever owned. I loved it and am planning on purchasing another one just like it very soon.




Functional hair dryer


I only wear my hair down a few days a week. My old hair dyer broke after many years of service and I bought this one because it was pink. It is a very inexpensive hair dryer so it doesn't do anything fancy, but it dries your hair just fine. I always use the Medium setting. A cool shot is also available. It comes with a diffuser as well, but I don't use it as my hair is already straight and not frizzy. IF you are looking for an average hair dryer, this is a great one. It looks cute sitting on your counter, too :)


Colorado Springs, CO


Conair hair dryer is cheap and gets the job done.


I think my wife gets more use out of the Conair 1875W Hair Dryer but I do use it on occassion and I did buy it for me and she kind of took it over when hers stopped working but she still lets be use it thankfully. I do not have much hair left so for me it gets my hair completely dry in like two or three minutes and I got this for me long before she got the one for her that crapped out. This one was a lot cheaper too. Cheaper and lasting longer is good for me. She says it takes too long to dry her hair but her hair is long and extra thick and besides I have never seen it take her more than 20 minutes so I am thinking that aint too bad but aint the greatest either. But it is quick for thin short balding hair like mine. Maybe she will get her another expensive one thinking it will work faster so I can keep this one to myself. It does not matter if she does not because I am willing to share with her since this one seems to hold up well.


Suffolk, VA


conair is hot


The Conair 1875 W Hair Dryer works well for it's reasonable price point.  The unit itself isn't that big but it is powerful enough for everyday use.  It easily fits in a bathroom cabinet without taking up much space and is also great for traveling.  The cord is retractible with the push of a button.  I like this feature because you don't have the mess of a cord.  Sometimes when retracting the cord hesitates a little but nothing that is troublesome.  The handle also folds which makes the unit even more compact. The hair dryer has two speed settings and two heat settings.  It also has a "cool shot button"  which helps to lock in your hair style.  The dryer is fairly quiet on any of the speed or heat settings.  The dryer get hot right away so you don't have to wait for it to heat up. The dryer has a safety feature that makes it inoperable under some abnormal conditions, such as immersion in water.  There is a test button on it so you can check that the safety system is working.


Taylor, PA


Conair Hair Dryers last forever and are convenient for travel!


I love my conair hair dryer because it has lasted an extremely long time and was well worth the price.  I have curly hair and use it several times a week to blow dry it straight.  It has great heat settings to give you maximum heat or just a little.  I love the size because it is strong enough to work on a daily basis and get my hair dry in record time, yet small enough to take with me when traveling and not take up a ton of room in my suitcase.  The hair dryer is hot right away and you dont have to run it to let it heat up.   It is simple and easy to use and doesnt have too many settings where you need a 15 page book to figure out how to turn it on.  I have had conair hair dryers in the past and have always had good luck with them because the company makes durable long lasting products.  This really is a go anywhere, use anytime product, so I dont have to have more then one appliance to get my hair looking the way I like. 


Beaver Dam, WI


Working great


I use this product for a month and I am ok with this. This is a light weight product and it is easy to handle. I won't prefer to use hair dryer in high speed and heat. So I use in low heat. Also it has a separate cool button through which only cool air comes. It dries the hair faster if we use this in high. So I am ok with this product. Working great.


Aurora, CO


Conair 1875W Hair Dryer

4.3 7