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Conair 1" Ceramic Flat Iron

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awesome flat iron that reduces frizz


My hair is normally wavy and its extremely thick so I always have a hard time flat ironing my hair. My hair takes forever to flat iron but not with this flat iron. This Conair flat iron is wonderful, the quality of it is sturdy and it flat irons great. It has a unique digital temperature setting which is amazingly cool. It makes my hair really straight and I don't have anymore frizz. It smoothes down all my flyaways and it keeps my hair looking shiny all day without getting frizzy. When its humid my hair doesn't frizz up. I like how soft my hair feels after, it feels like silk. I like how this flat iron isn't so damaging to my ends. Its very gentle to my color, it doesn't make my color fade. My hair feels a lot more manageable. My hair feels so lightweight, my hair is done in fifteen minutes which is pretty fast. The flat iron has lasted me almost a year which is good because its lasting me a long time. I recommend this to anybody with any type of hair to use this flat iron.



not worth buying


I have the worst time with flat irons!!! Either they don't work well or they quit working a short time after buying them. This particular brand has been most dissapointing!!! I have naturally curly hair, well it is more of a wave. The flat iron did not perform well, unable to straighten my wavey hair. Not only that, but it shorted out on me after only owning it for two months. o also didn't care for the one inch "barrell." I realize that is just a preference, not a fault of the product. I have tried one other item from this line, and had a similar experience. I have moved on to a more professional product. I am not one to have the latest and greatest, or think that the more you spend the better the quality is...but concerning flat irons, i do beleive that is the way to go.

Columbia City, IN


This conair straightner does the job


I have had this straightner for about two years now and have been pretty satisfied with is. I like the digital temp setting and the swivel cord. I use this tool several times a week. I am actually quite surprised that it hasnt died on me yet! It has a 30 second heat up feature that works pretty well. I have started to notice that I really need to give it a few minutes to really come up to temp. I like that the plates are smooth and are easy to clean. It is light in weight, so my arm and wrist doesnt suffer from fatigue from use. I blow my hair sort of straight before ironing, so it really turns out super smooth. You have to quick and consistant when gliding through your hair so it doesnt burn. I have found that the plates are very slick and do glide quickly, even if you pull through a slight tangle or two. I would think this iron could be used by people with many different hair textures. The highest setting really gets screaming hot!

Redford, MI


I love this flat iron so much


I think this is the best one ever. I use it everyday and never go anywhere with out it. I had one that broke one time and had to get a new one. i have bought some other brands and was so made that it did not work, so when i went to the store to buy the conair i made sure i bought two not just one but two. That way i will never be with out one. I also got a smaller one for travel its not the ceramic 1 in but it is conair and i will not use anything else. I would tell everyone to get this. I have had many brands but love this it makes my hair shinny and it strightens my hair in less then half the time the other ones do. If your like me your hair is a mess intell it is strighten so i need a very good strightner. I love how this doesnt cost and arm and leg to so more people can buy it. it may not cost alot but works just as good if not better than the pricy ones out there. Once again i love this flat lion and think it is the best out there and i would tell everyone in the world who uses a flat iron to go out and try it.

Coldwater, MI


Oh My Awesome Flat Iron


     I absolutely love this flat iron and I use it every day. My hair is so wavy and curly and so annoying so I bought this one because I thought it would work well. I think that this works so well and recommend this to everybody who needs a good straightener because there hair is very wavy or curly. I am a girly girl so I love my hair straight and curly. I hate how curling irons never get the curls to come out in spirals because when you curl your hair with a straightener it looks so much better. I like how this can curl and straighten because this isn't big or bulky. I have very frizzy wavy hair and this actually helps it. When I straightened a small section of my hair it wasn't frizzy, it was shiny/glossy, and very straight. This does get very hot so you need to make sure your careful. When I straighten one small section of my hair it does get hot enough to where I can barely hold it so I just brush through it with my brush a couple times so it will cool off. I hope you found this helpful. 

Las Vegas, NV


I love my Conair flat iron


     I had my niece visiting me about a week ago and she brought along her Conair flat iron.  I had never really tried one before so I asked to borrow it.  She graciously said yes so I plugged it in and tried it out.  I was very happy with the results and was pleased that those baby hairs that tend to stick straight up off of the top of my head decided to finally be tamed!  Not only was I happy with the straightening results of the flat iron I was also pleased to find that I could also curl my hair with this lovely 1" flat iron.  It took some getting used to, many crazy hairstyles later, but I ended up with beachy waves that lasted so much longer than if I curled my hair with a curling iron.  The only disappointing feature on this particular model is that you cannot adjust the heat setting.  It just has an on off switch and takes about a minute to heat up.  It does have a lovely swivel cord that makes it that much easier to use, so you aren't getting tangled up.  It is on the inexpensive side, so you slaves to fashion that are on a tight budget can afford it. 

Round Lake, IL


Conair 1" Ceramic Flat Iron

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