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Con Air Model CS4J

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I bought this because of the price. It was very affordable. It does what its supposed to and It got my hair straight. It sometimes snags hair. I'm not sure how effective the temperature dial was because sometime my hair would smoke on the lowest setting while other times it would be on the highest and not straighten my hair. It lasted about nine months before randomly splitting apart while I was using it.



Ouch - Don't buy this flat iron!!!


I got a new hair cut and wanted to straighten my hair.  I bought a Conair because of the reliable brand.  Boy was I shocked and disapointed.  I have only used the iron 3 times because my hair gets caught in the joints/seams and pulled out.  It may hurt to be beautiful, but this item is not worth it!

Buellton, CA


It does the job and is a decent price


I use a straightener every day and this one does the job. I usually buy low to medium priced things, depending on the item, and that is true for this straightener as well. I've had it for over a year and it still works great. It's not the best quailty you could buy, but for the price, it's decent. I have used ConAir products before, especially the blowdryers, and I have always liked the brand. So I decided to try this one out. It is thin and has different settings. I always use the highest settings since that seems to be the only thing that works for me. It has a knob where you can set it to numbers one through twenty-five and it has a button called "turbo," which makes it extra hot as far as I can figure out. I always use setting 25 as well as turbo. The best thing about this straightener is that wamrs up so fast! It claims it warms up in 30 seconds, and that is so true. When I'm in a hurry in the morning, I need it to warm up fast. A great product.

Idaho Falls, ID


Con Air Model CS4J

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