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Compound W Wart Remover
Compound W Wart Remover One Step Pads

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One step pads not the best.


Recently we had a little problem called warts. My daughter got one and we tried out this product. The medicine may have been effective but it did not stay on long enough to work. The bandage is not that great for children or very active people. We found that we always have to cover it up with other types of bandages or tape to keep the product on. It also fell off easily when it got wet. I also noticed that it did not seem to dry up the wart as well as other products that we tried later. We had a lot of patience and followed the instructions but it took too long and my daughter was becoming very impatient. I also found it to be pretty expensive and I could not find any coupons for this product although they might be available. The product is very easy to find since they do sell it at all major pharmacies and large stores. I will not purchase this again for my children. It may work better for an adult.

Hialeah, FL


Compound W Wart Remover One Step Pads

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