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Compaq v6000 Notebook PC

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Could be better


 My Compaq V6000 has a 80 gig hard drive one gig of memory with a AMD processor with integrated Nvidia graphics and a DVD writer multi drive. The preloaded software tends to slow down the boot  up and shut down time.  I would recomend uninstalling the programs you are not going to use and get the maximum memory as the Vista Home Premiun is a memory hog.  I had no problem this laptop until shortly after the waranty period had expired. I had down loaded a microsoft update and my sceen died.  I called Microsoft thinking is was a update issue and the representative ask what laptop I was using and told me that Compaq had issues with the motherboard on this particular laptop and worked with HP and I to get my laptop repaired and at no cost to me. I have had no problems since.  Reliabilty is a big concern when purchasing expensive electronics and great customer service is a plus. There are better choices out there if you have the money to spend. Battery Life my laptop is more than four years old and the battery still hold a charge for about 1 hour Speed/Performance was mid range for speed and performance at the time of purchasr Design love the feel of the keyboard Durability still looks almost new and has been heavily used


Hustontown, PA


It is better than most


Overall, I like my machine.  It has had several issues with the Vista system software, but that's new software for you.  I have also had problems with the CD/DVD drive as it always disconnects from the system and is unrecognizable and I have to go into the registry and reconnect it.  I truly wish this problem could be solved, but I think it is a Vista issue.  I do like the look of my machine and the quick service I receive when I have a problem. It is thin and light and looks very sleek.


Champaign, IL


Great but has some quirks


I love this computer.  Sometimes it cuts off spontaneously and the sound doesn't work but it has it's days.  It is very good for playing games and working online.  I am a college student and am always downloading documents for school and it has a high capacity for storage of files.  Very fast! The games are awesome on this computer! It has never froze! The cd disk has stopped working for a week but starting working again. This computer has it's own personality but is a great product!


Ringgold, GA


low end model


The keyboard on the NC6000 will go bad. It starts with the keyboard and then one key at a time will stop working. we have 50 in my office and 39 so far have had there keyboard replaced. simple fix is to hook up an USB keybaord but that does no one any good.


Kansas City, MO


I have never liked laptops before but this one is great.


I have to keep up with a website and this computer has been perfect.  I have had it for about 4 months and NO problems.  I would highly recommend this computer to anyone looking for a lower priced yet reliable computer!  I am online all the time networking and this has never let me down.


Inman, SC


Interested in a good computer till it dies 6 months later.


If the Motherboard had not gone dead in 6 months this would be a great computer.  This WAS a great gaming computer.  It was also fast on the net.  The Compac V6000 also has serious heat issues and a lack of USB ports. This computer had no stamina.


Jeffersonville, IN


I love my Compac, and would definitely buy another!


I would highly recommend buying a Compac laptop. I have used mine for the last 2 and a half years with no problems. The only thing that quit working was the battery cord which was easy to replace and that was after a 2 year use!


Elm City, NC


The Presario V6000 is the Best!!!


I recently ordered a Compaq Presario V6000.  The laptop works fast and at a steady paste.  It has everything I wanted in a laptop.  I can listen to my music because I could download iTunes.  Most of the time I am working on school work by the fast working internet.  The Presario has Internet Explorer and Safari.  I could even download FireFox.  My Presario is black.  It has a big screen there for I can see everything that I am working on at one time.  The color is very bright and pretty.  I love the laptop.  I wish that I could have another one like it.   


Dunn, NC


Love my compaq, does what I need


The Compaq presario is a nice size laptop. I bought it 2 years ago and it has done everything I have needed to do. It is light weight, making it easy to carry, but has lots of features. I tend to take my laptop everywhere with me so I like that it is not bulky or heavy. It usually resides on a tv tray in my room. It fits into most attache style bags, so very compact.  I like that it has a dual processor. Several windows can be opened at the same time & two different accounts can be open at once. It is great having a built in cam, speakers and microphone, but nice that the option to do so is available through exterior ports for you. Having 3 USB ports is handy, as well as the SD/MS/Pro/MMC/XD slot is also nice, making downloading pictures easy and convenient. At a touch the volume can be muted, or turned up or down. The picture quality is really good compared to many laptops I have seen. It serves many purposes for me, as a radio, a tv & for movies, holds all my favorite patterns, I shop here, all my music, my favorite books, I even talk to friends and family on it. The voice quality is very good, just like talking on the phone. I can download and burn all my favorite media using the DVD/CD-R. There is also an expansion slot to hook up an external monitor, if you want a full size screen to work with. One downfall is the 13" screen is a little difficult to see ar times, but I usually do not have a lot of problems. When I bought it, it came with the choice of XP or Vista, I must say I am not a great Vista fan, so I opted for the XP Pro. All the software I owned works with it, as well as the software that came on the laptop. I had never used a mouse pad before I got this computer, but I think it is one of their better inventions. I love not having to hold a mouse, I have arthritis and it can be very uncomfortable for me, but with the pad, just a touch of my finger and the arrow goes where ever you need it. The keyboard has all the perks of a full size one, but in half the space, making reaching the keys much easier. I had always owned desk tops, but since owning my Compaq I would never go back. I love the freedom of owning my laptop. If anything were to ever happen to it I would get another one in a minute. I really like it a lot. One of the best computer I have owned.


Bradford, PA


This was a stable laptop and Inever had any problems in 3 years


I have owned the Compaq Presario v6000 model laptop since around November of 2006. I have never had any problems at all with this particular product and I would recommend it to anyone in need of a reiliable, durable, and medium powerful laptop. One down fall that the laptop had was the graphics card. When I first got it I decided to purchase a few games and a controller for it in an effort to play games as well as network on it, but I quickly found out the graphics card was unable to handle even the simplest store bought arcade game with decent graphics. Do not get me wrong it will play basic games such as tetris, mind sweeper, and chess just not the hard core games or ones with decent graphics. Other than that one downfall it has been and still is an excellent product.


Streetsboro, OH


Compaq v6000 Notebook PC

3.5 32