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Compaq nx9010 Notebook PC

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Got this used, Better then the one I Got New!


Christmas before last, we go out to the store and buy a brand new laptop computer for mom, right after the warranty runs out, the computer breaks!  My husband bought this computer on Ebay, it needed a hard drive and had a few other issues but it works! I use it consonantly I have been on it for the last 12 hours with just a 6 hour break and it is running strong.  It's fast and right now I have about 8 internet sites up and am having no problems at all.   It's an older unit, using an older windows program and so much better they then expensive unit we purchased in 2007. Of course it uses XP instead of Vista, we really like these computers  so much, that we are considering another. This is a good computer for surfing the web and for doing bookkeeping, if your a techie it might not have everything you need but I have yet to have any problems with the unit. I play games on-line, do surveys, write reviews and emails, they are a little bigger and heavier then some of the newer units but at least it works unlike the newer unit that I had.

Jacksonville, FL




This is a great laptop, especially if you are a computer geek. It has everything you can ever wish for. There are 3 usb ports which is very convienient. Just in case you have a printer that connects to the laptop this is a great computer to have. just in case you have a digital camera and also a phone that you can plug into the computer. you can use all three of these items at the same exact time. its great. you can send things from your phone, to your computer, to the printer. it also has microsoft word, which is great if you have to type up some of a paper due for a class. it has games already installed in there. it comes with the internet log so you can go online and do all things that u enjoy. if you enjoy watching movies on the computer, you can pop a dvd movie inside and watch the movie. it shows great clear movies. if you enjoy listening to music, the laptop has built in speakers so that i can listen to it. you can plug in headphones and listen also. it you want to sing with the music, you can plug in a microphone, and if you like voice chat and things like that. you would really enjoy this product. thanks for taking the time out to read this.

Webster, MA


Compaq nx9010 Notebook PC

4.5 2