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Compaq desktop computer

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Compaq 7550 desktop computer


I have had two computers before I owned my Compaq 7550 desktop computer. With regular wear and tear, both died on me in less than 5 years. I got my Compaq almost 10 years ago in 2003 and it's still going strong! It has survived tons of moves, 2 viruses and regular wear and tear from 2 adults and 1 child. After owning this computer, I am a huge fan of the Compaq brand. It has a build in CD/DVD player, CD burner, and an easy access USB 2.0 port which is great for charging/syncing your cell phone or loading photos onto the comptuer from your digital camera. Floppy disk drive (who uses those anymore!?) Great for watching movies or listening to music while you surf the internet. If you're looking for a sturdy computer for the whole family, this is it!

Winter Park, FL


Compaq 7550 is a outstanding computer to purchase.


After purchasing this product the Compaq 7550 seven years ago. I have had tremendous satisfaction with this product. It has dual disc loaders. One is for the regular computer business installment. The other is for DVD Movies or Music. It takes on Downloading very well up to as many as you choose to download. If you are the type of person who leaves your computer on all night. The Compaq 7550 can stand the overdrive of being neglected from electrical log off running time of being left on all night. 20% of my use have been neglect from not shuting off this computer when done using it . The Compaq 7550 is relieable, And not once have I ever had to take it in for repairs. It responds to the Online Internet Sevice quickly than some I have seen that takes over about anywhere from 2-5 minutes to respond back for your viewing. Depending on the Installation Drive product you choose ; such as the Internet Exploer, Apples , Windows, and etc.... The Compaq 7550 Computer stores photo pictures with uploading your personal documents. Depending on the type of printer you choose to install. The Compaq 7550 provides outstanding printing tecniques. You can print out your photo pictures in color or black/white with precise color definition that you expect without any shorten of the photo picture as well as printing/coping Documents of any kind. It prints from any type of Printer such as Lexmark 2000, Hp Injet, Brother LC65 series / Lc61 series , with paper size holding tray of 8 1/2 x 11 , 11 x 17 in . You can install outside speakers to here your music aloud and also it has a jacket to pug in headphones to hear your music silently. The computer screen on the Compaq 7550 is large in size great for viewing not only your regular computer work but when you are watching your DVD Movies with great sound. The type of Modem used with this Compaq 7550 Computer is the eMachine T3025 , 3000+ , 160cb , CDRW , NDVIA Model. The keybord Model type used with this computer is eMachine. The Mouse Model type used with this computers is the Logtech Optical Mouse USB . The Speakers used for open sound Model Type Platinum UBL Series . The duralability of this Compaq 7550 Computer is impectable for years of use. It is sturdy , very light weight, and easyily transferable when moving or cleaning. It is a compact size that doesnot take up a whole lot of space. It's great for Home/Office Use. The cleaning formula that is used when cleaning this Compaq 7550 Computer is the CleanSafe Dust Remover Moisture - Free Cleaning that cleans other than your computer, example of other use of this cleaning product... Cell Phones , Computer Keyboards , Audio/Visual Equipment and more. The Compaq 7550 Computer is installable for the Cox Digital Telephone along with the High Speed Internet . It also has a connection for the Cricket Wireless Internet System. The Compaq 7550 Desktop Computer is recommended by quick......

Omaha, NE


Compaq desktop computer

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