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Compaq desktop computer

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The Campaq desktop is for reading emails.


Hi, readers. This is my first review, I received this Compaq computer from my daughter at least four months ago.  She first received it from Wal-Mart about 4 years ago. When she first got the Compaq computer it ran very well. It came with Windows XP, and a free trail of A computer vieus protector.  It ran very well for her for the four years she had it.  Then she wanted to upgrade.  So she gave the computer to me. I can say with honesty that after four years and being used by someone else that the Compaq desktop still runs well.  I installed the Fix it utilites wizard to clean up the computer, which cleaned it up very well and caused it to run smothly. Even though this is an older model of the Compaq computer, I can say that it still runs well.  As long as you do the schduled clean up, virus scanner, and updates you can get good use from this computer. It did not cost much.  For someone who is getting a computer for the first time, this Compaq desktop would be a good investment.  You can check emails, play games, and surf the web with ease. Thank You.  

Mesquite, TX


I love this computer


I bought this computer a few years back, had it for about 3 years now and its still going strong. It has the basic computer features and some trials for Aol, microsoft office,etc, but it works really good and is very compatiable to my lexmark all in one printer. I dont really see a downside to this computer, except the regular wear and tear and maintanence that you have to provide and keep up on any electronic device. I use mine for work and i use it 12-14 hours sometimes on a day to day basis and it has held up really well. Comes with speakers, manual, 17 inch monitor, and of course your instruction booklets that tell you how to troubleshoot your computer as well as options to extend your warranty. I love this computer, had an Emachines before and it died before i could really get any use out of it. I cant find anything bad to say about it, except the memory you may need to upgrade, but what computer doesnt need upgrades?

Collinsville, IL


Good so far


I bought a used compaq FS7600 desktop computer from my sister. It was probably about 3 years old at that time, it's now well over 5 years and it's still going strong. I have had minor problems with it, due to bugs from the internet, but once I got those cleaned up, it's been doing really well. For being an older computer, I am well pleased. I had a warrenty with them and one time the keyboard went funky. I called them and the customer service was really nice and helped me. They couldn't fix the problem of the keyboard, of course, but they did, in return, sent me a whole new keyboard for free. I didn't even have to send the old broken one back to them, so that was nice. As a busy mom, sometimes sending broken items back through the mail can be a little hard and time consuming. I have a lot of pictures and other programs on my computer and it's still going strong. I have really enjoyed my compaq computer!!

Spanish Fork, UT


Compaq desktop - would not recommend


after 6 months the drive quit working.  Installed a new one and now the computer doesn't recognize ANY drive.  Took awhile to get used to the windows vista - don't like it.  HP games doesn't work anymore.  Anytime i try and download one my anti virus program says there's a trojan in it.  I use a dell for work, much better.

Orland, CA


The compaq desktop FS7600 is reliable and easy to use.


I first received this computer for my birthday back in June, 2005. Ever since i had received it i have begin pleased with the performance and space of this computer, especially when i first had started out with it. The internet has always been my main use for this computer, and its always ran the internet pretty fast, unless i have many other windows open or I have been running my computer hard, (i.e., leaving it on for long periods of time, downloading multiple things at one time, running multiple programs at the same time, etc...) As a gaming computer, i think this particular model could use some more space for something like that, not to say that it doesnt run games just fine, it just needs more hard drive, more space to deal better with it. The programs that are already installed with this computer are great, it comes with windows xp which i love because its simple and easy to use, and its very up-to-date. It also comes equipped with windows media player, a new advanced version that can also refer back to the calssic version. (but the advance version is so much cooler!) If you really want a computer that's fast, easy to use, and reliable, you should choose a compaq!!

Sedro Woolley, WA


Compaq desktop computer

3.4 5