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Compaq c6910 Notebook PC

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nice laptop - fully supports linux


First thing I did when after taking the c6910p out of the box was to wipe windows and install linux - gentoo, to be precise. Everything I use is supported with minimal tweaking.  I've got DVI and VGA monitors hooked up and working perfectly (using radeonhd drivers), sound/microphone is as expected and everything else works as designed too (bluetooth/USB etc).  The only thing I didn't try to configure was the fingerprint reader as I have the lid shut 99% of the time. Battery life was about 2 hours at first, but has since shrunk to about 1 hour - that's being generous too when wireless is running.  If I'm using wireless and compiling software at the same time it's about 45 minutes which isn't bad but isn't great.   The BIOS supports booting off a USB drive, which is nice for troubleshooting. The only complaint I have is that the mouse touchpad is very sensitive - but I've had that problem with multiple laptops, not just an HP. I will definitely buy HP again

Winston, GA


Compaq c6910 Notebook PC

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