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Compaq Presario desktop computer

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Compaq has a small price tag with BIG performance.


The Compaq Presario SR5710F desktop computer gives you bigtime performance at a tiny price. This is a middle of the road performance desktop computer that gives any average joe all he or she needs for everyday computing. This desktop computer takes advantage of an intel pentium processor, so you know that it has decent processing speed for internet, games, and daily tasks. The Compaq computer comes with one single dvd +or- recorder/player and CD+- recorder. The disc drive is also Lightscribe compatible, so you can laser inscribe on your burned dvds and cds. It's pretty impressive, but it takes quite a while to label one disc and the Lightscribe discs are more expensive than regular recordible dvds/cds. There are free slots for upgrading or adding additional disc players. I added a second recordable dvd/cd player that ,also, had Blu- Ray playing capacity. Another upgrade necessity is that this comes with a rollerball mouse and a laser or optical mouse is a definite improvement. Overall, this mid power PC is great for the average user or office worker who wants decent performance at a fair price.

Curtice, OH


Compaq still makes great computers.


I have an old Compaq computer that still fires up, and is usable.  Bought this dual-processor edition and have been very pleased with their latest work, aside from the fact that it has the standard Vista (which is good aside from the fact that you cannot do a clean re-install).  I don't need the fastest, most modern beast, but I want my computer to move fast, since life is too short anyway.  So for the price I paid, I'm very pleased.  Mine didn't come with any memory card options, which is annoying, but that is really the only bad thing I can say.  Did include a DVDRW drive, and it runs quiet.  Also has the so-called 'LightScribe' capability for wriiting labels to your dvd's and cd's, which is slowly becoming a standard, even if the Lightscribe discs are barely affordable.  This is the type of computer you buy off the shelf and upgrade.  It begs for memory out of the box, and it has 3 empty bays (one of which should have been the memory card option I previously mentioned).

Irmo, SC


The fastest computer I have owned


I have owned the Presario for 7 months and never had any trouble.  The Compaq Presario SR5710Y is faster than my laptop with Windows XP.  The Presario boots in about 45 seconds.  After I installed McAfee virus protection the virus protection took a little longer to load.  However, I can begin work on the computer while McAfee is still loading.  The processor being a dual processor pays off in speed.  Windows Vista is different than XP in many ways, though it is easy to learn.  Vista is full of security features that are easy to learn also. One downside is the keyboard.  If you like a email and internet button, the Presario does not have these buttons on the keyboard.  Also, after only 7 months, the letters are wearing on the keys.  Specificaly the E key, D key, and O key are beginning to wear.  I can't read an E on the E key.  The E is mostly worn off.  I have not decided whether to call HP to replace the keyboard or buy an upgrade keyboard. The DVD/CD burner is great.  I have used it to rip music CDs.  The DVD/CD burner supports Light Scribe.  That means you can buy blank Lite Scribe CDs or DVDs and the drive will etch a label with picture on the Light Scribe disk.  No sticking the label on the disk, the label is burned on by the drive.  Though I have not used Light Scribe yet, I think it is a cool feature that I might use in the future.

Dallas, TX


I think my compaq presario hate games.


For the last few years, I have always bought Compaq computers.  I loved Windows XP but it costs too much to get a computer with Windows XP, so I learned to live with Vista.  My first Vista experience with my computer was not a good one.  It had alot of bugs with it.  I play lot of games and do online surveys.  I don't know if that is the problem but I do know that I recently bought another Compaq presario  SR5710Y  three months ago and I am still having issues.  I still do surveys and download games.  My roomate has a Compaq also and has never had any issues like I have.  Maybe my computers hate me.  I don't know but I would like to find out.  Maybe I should buy another one and not do surveys or download any games and see if that helps.  I have learned alot about computers in my 11 years online but not how to cope with the problems I'm having. If anyone besides me has had problems with this computer, I would love to hear from you.  Alot of the time I download something and then can't find it.  I guess I'm just a towel.

Moline, IL


Compaq Presario desktop computer

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