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Compaq Presario desktop computer

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best computer I owned


My compaq 5310F works better than any I have owned. It don't freeze up or lag like most I have had. I bought my computer too replace my other compaq which was out of date. I run windows vista which I really was lost at first was totally different from windows xp. The control panel was easy too find but some other things was not. Called tech support was very helpful. The ram is great can add another 1000 ram stick. I am not a smart computer user am learning new things everyday. I have had this compaq for 2 years now and still have plenty of room on the hard drive. I play games and download pictures and files but don't download music. Think music and videos slows any computer down. My husband has a dell computer it is so slow will not play games on it. His computer freezes up all the time. I will buy another compaq when this one gives out on me in the future. I would recommend compaq computers over any other from my experiences. The video card is great graphics are perfect.

Hickory, NC


Compaq Presario


The compaq presario computer could perform a little faster. The price was a steal . I am really satisfied with this computer because I haven't encountered anything problems as of yet. It has a lot of features that I didn't realize until I needed to use it. I would recommend this computer to anyone.

San Bernardino, CA


I think this is a great computer for what I need


The item I am reviewing is the compaq presario SR531oF.  When I first bought the computer I was pretty illiterate as far as computers go.  I could check e-mails and play games but that was about it.  Since I have had this computer (about 1 1/2 years now)  I have learned how to download music and movies as well as other things.  I use the computer for school which I feel the compaq presario is perfect for.  I have to write allot of papers and there is plenty of memory to do so.  I also have to do allot of power point presentations and the compaq presario stores it all!  I have a music library that wont quit stored in this computer which is great for me.  I also get allot of programs from my school that I have to install and have never had problems doing so or with memory.  The compaq presario has a dvd/cd burner in it which makes it great for making cd's and movies,  I really love the light scribe technology that allows me to etch pictures on to cds.  Overall I love the compaq presario and would reccomend this product to any beginning user.

Roseburg, OR


Compaq Presario desktop computer

4.7 3