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Compaq Presario V6310 Notebook PC

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Wireless is well not so great!!


The wirelss in my compaq computer is not so great. It always loosing conection and I am always having to start over via the internet of what I am working on. But other than that I have had no issues with it. It works great and has great storage, other than the wireless card in it. What good is a wirless card if I have to keep i wired up? How am I to use my laptop any where in the house that I wish to. I think that this is a great laptop and that they just need to work on the wireless card in it. When I first got it I didnt have this problem and about 6 months into using it well then it started.    


Clarksville, TN


This COMPAQ V6310 Notebook has been a nightmare!


I purchased this COMPAQ V6310 notebook computer thinking it would be a notebook to serve my needs.    I had previously owned two COMPAQ computers before and was very satisfied with them so when I decided to purchase a notebook COMPAQ was my first choice.   It has been a total nightmare.   I have had to send it back for repairs on two different occasions.   When it was sent back the first time it was gone for two weeks.   Then a month or so later, I had to return it again and it was kept for a month as they had to order the mother board.   I am still having trouble with it.   They even supposedly replaced the motorboard.   It overheats and freezes up constantly.   Sometimes the screen just turns black and the only way you can get it to do anything is to unplug it and take the battery completely out and put it back in.  I use it primarily just for personal use so it is not used all day long.   I personally think since I had so much trouble with it it should have been replaced.    


Joelton, TN


Compaq Presario V6310 Notebook PC

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