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Compaq Presario SR1950NX Media Center desktop computer

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I have one of these running Windows XP SP2 and it is slower than a turtle. And has only a 40GB Hard Drive. And a very cheap looking graphics card. Ease of Use Its Windows XP so its easier to use than just about any other Windows Operating System. Hardware Quality This computer should run Windows 98 because this can hardly even run Windows XP without taking 10 minutes to load the internet to Also I tried to upgrade this to Windows XP SP3 and it would never respond to upgrade. Support & Service Honestly, I never called support but chances are since Compaq is no longer a computer brand so chances are you will never get support for this. Also, keep in mind this is running Windows XP SP2, support ended in 2010. Durability It looks durable and this does come equipped with a hard shell. Design The design of this computer is very unique looking however this looks like a more sharp black edition of a 2004 HP Pavilion Desktop. Performance Another poor thing about this PC is the performance. It is very slow. So unless you have the patience to wait 20 minutes for you to pay your bills or update your facebook status or whatever. DON'T BUY THIS PC. Also this goes with just about everything else.



Good computer for the average user.


This is my second Compaq desktop computer.  I do a lot of detail research and save a lot on my hardrive and have never had the system to crash or lose my data.  In addition to saving data, I save music and pictures. It is easy to save pictures from emails or scan them into the Photo Gallery. When I download pictures from a digital camera, they go directly in to Gallery without additional instructions. Overall, I am pleased with the Compaq Presario. 

Menifee, CA


Technology has never been better!


This Comapg Presario computer in my opinion is the top of the line. I love it and it has worked great for me. It has so many features available to use from the media center to the basic stuff. I have had mine for 3 years now and it still works like the day it was new. I have never had any problems with it. The search features are easy to use, there is a lot of space to save on here. I defidently would recommend this computer and the next one I get will be the same kind!!

Marathonmarathon, NY


Windows XP Forever


*The more I hear about Windows Vista...the more I like my Presario SR1950NX Media Center Desktop.  It has plenty of memory (1024 MB) and a 250 GB hard drive.  From what I hear about Vista, 1024 MB of memory just isn't enough.  You better double that amount.* *Considering my very first PC came with a mere 256 MB of memory (which I upgraded to 512) this Compaq is FAST!  I've had this one now for about a year, and my only complaint is HP help is a little slow.  * *Prime example: When Service Pack 3 came out from Microsoft, the PC would only start in "safe mode".  It wasn't until weeks later that HP came out with a fix, because it ran a AMD Processor and not an Intel.  I had to go back & un-install Service Pack 3 until the fix came along.* *I make a lot of CDs for friends & myself.  Using a built in program, I also make my own CD covers.  From Windows Media Player, I drop down on the "file" tab & then select "print label".  Instead of using store bought CD inserts, I simply make my own from card stock paper and then trim them out to fit into a CD case.  Looks professional!  Using "LightScribe" makes for an even better looking CD.* *I love my music...and this PC or any other compatable Windows XP Media Center PC is the one to have.   * *  *

Saint Louis, MO


Compaq Presario SR1950NX Media Center desktop computer

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