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Compaq Presario Notebook PC

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Great laptop, been using it for almost 5 years and still good


Eventhough the spec is not really great for doing heavy graphics or gaming, it is still a good laptop to bring along for basic internet and streaming movie. Haven't change the battery since I bought the laptop. Great laptop !


Durham, NC


i like this computer


i have the presario compaq computer windows xp. i have had no problem out of this computer. it is very light ,very graphic,very affordable, the dvd player on this is very good. it has very good picture. the one thing is it does need to have a bit louder volume this is the only downfall i have on this computer.


Gouldsboro, PA


not so good...


well, we are here to discuss **Compaq Presario M2000 PC Notebook. **i've been using it for almost two years. well, should say they are not so easy in use and not so depandable. i kepp seeing this commercial on TV about PC and Apple. they keep telling that Apple is so expencive and have worse features than PC. it is totally lie. my husband used Mac before and me too - that was awsome. do you know that there are only 5 viruses exists for Mac and thousands for PC. well, my husband bought me**Compaq Presario M2000 PC Notebook** on my birthday, because he thought it was not bad features and not a bad price. well, let me tell you, during this 2 years i had to fix this laptop 4 times for all different reasons. it costs me more expensive than just byu Mac.think twice before you got it!!!


Smithfield, NC


This Presario compaq travels very well. It starts very quickly.


I have done extensive travel for pleasure only.  This computer is a gem in that area.  It loads quickly and easily keeps me in touch with family and friends.  The compaq Presario is one that I would not hesitate to purchase again in the future.  It has good storage and lets me access files easily on the road.


Bellmore, NY


Awesome computer---Definetly recommend!!


I am a very techy person, and the Compaq Presario computer is awesome! It was affordable, and I hardly ever have a problem with it that can't be quickly solved. It has a good speed, and the keys have never broken which is a problem for some laptops. I use my computer everyday, and I absolutely love it!  It is also very lightweight and easy to travel/carry. The screen is bright and very big.    


Largo, FL


I am so in love with my laptop, it is so useful


I had a few tech problems when I first purchased my Laptop and I must have returned it to Conn's about 3 times in 3 months. Since then I have enjoyed every moment of using it. My 5 yr old grand daughter loves it, and enjoys playing learning games, as well as my 25 yr old son, he has a myspace page which gives him the option to network with people all over the world. I am on it for at least 4 to 5 hrs after work, and on the weekends if I haven't planned anything for the day, I am on it all day. My significant other says I spent too much time on it .It is a great piece of equipment, and I really don't know how I could do without it. I am able to look for anything I want to, at any time I desire. It has  become a part of my daily living. When I am on my laptop I get lost in another world. You can look up lost friends, family members that you have not heard from because you've lost their numbers and address. If something ails me or one of my family, I go to the website" Ask a MD. Or say I want to cook something special for my love ones . I go to the recipe website which there are so many to choose from. On the weekends when my grand daughters come to visit we like doing arts and craft projects and you would absoultely be amazed of the websites that I've found to keep them occuppied, during their weekend visits , and they really enjoy doing the projects we find on the different websites. I also love taking pictures to capture my grand kids growth, I am able to upload my photos onto my laptop and then I am able to print my pictures the same day. No more dropping my films off to the nearest photo lab to have them developed.Which saves me money, my only cost is the ink that I buy for my printer, and in a long run I've saved a ton of money and it saves time no more standing in a line waited to be waited on to retrieve your photos. If you don't have a Laptop or a computer please invest in one, I've purchased several computers but I don't think that I truly enjoyed them the way that I am enjoying my Laptop, Please believe me I am having a Ball 


Port Arthur, TX


Compaq Presario Notebook PC

3.7 6