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Compaq Presario Notebook PC

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Its a laptop that has potential.


I received this Compaq Presario as a birthday gift.  My mom has the same computer but different model.  I was so excited to finally have a laptop of my own with built in wireless connection!!  Mostly, I like my computer, however the internet does pose a few problems.  I have never had this problem with any other computer and I have noticed it on my moms computer as well.  Sometimes the first internet window you open up freezes right away and you have to open another tab.  Then, in order to close the frozen tab you either have to Ctrl+Alt+Del it in which then you have to close its application on the task window and then it asks if you want to repair and start the app over again.  Or you can just go about your business and it will eventually try and repair itself and then restart the internet.  It is very irritating.  Its nice that the computer has its own "repair" system, but its unfortunate that it needs to be used so much. I love the keys on this.  They are nice and soft and not too noisy when pressed.  The mouse pad is a little to sensitive to my liking, even when the settings are altered.  It is very easy to be typing something and if your hand just barely brushes the pad you are all the sudden typing in the middle of your paper. Windows Vista has a lot of different options but it seems to me that the older version of Windows was a little more user friendly.  However, you do have the option in Vista to switch the menus, control panel, etc to the earlier version so whether you like the older version of windows or the new one, this computer offers both. I probably wouldn't get this computer if I had the choice just because the internet messes up so much.  However, if you arent much of an internet user, this computer would be great for you.

Denver, CO


Compaq Presario Notebook PC

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