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Compaq Presario Notebook PC

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Will break in months


The Presario A900 is a very weak computer. I am typing on it right now but it overheats so badly that I have to put a floor fan on it just to keep it from overheating and shutting off. Its slow and you won't get any customer support. Several problems come to my attention. Its awful for doing anything other than surfing the internet, so don't get any ideas about even doing older games on it. The screen is a nice size but is vastly not worth it since it will break after just a few months. The cord is placed in a bad place, you will constantly trip over it. Now I have to jiggle the cord for minutes at a time to get it to work again. Only to have the power stop working and shut off minutes later, since the battery life goes to crap a few months after ownership. The thumbpad is nice and smooth, and easy to handle but you will want to get a mouse anyway. Overall get another computer, I would recommend an asus but they suck too!

Clemmons, NC


This laptop is very easy to use and great software


I have the Compaq presario A900 laptop.  This laptop is very easy to use.  it has a lot of great features such as a really awesome dvd maker.  I also love the built in calculator since this is the 17inch model.  I use this computer everyday for many hours and many different reasons.  The programs that this model came are outstanding.  You can do so much with this laptop.  It was very affordable and has exceeded my expectations.  I was so happy with this product I bought my daughter one for Christmas.  It has a good battery life although sometimes I wish it would last longer on the battery power.  The laptop does also have a very long electric cord making it easy to put anywhere and still reach the area you would like to put it in your home.  I have used so many of the software products tht came with this model.   I would recommend this product to anyone who is interested in buying as I said it fits so many needs

Hanover, PA


Compaq Presario Notebook PC

3.0 2