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Compaq Presario 6000 desktop computer

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I have owned this computer for about 7 months now and I have never had a problem with it. It has fantastic speed, memory and quality Ease of Use This computer is very easy to use if you are a beginner and even if you are an advanced user you will find that it has great graphics Hardware Quality Very easy to install and the instructions are easy to follow Support & Service geek squad comes pre installed and is great Durability very durable can withstand alot Design excellant design


Lily, KY


work horse for the house


Wow what can I say. These compaq computers work and work and work. I have bought several over the years and they are reliable dependable and keep on ticking! Prices are lower than HP and Dell. So what the Hell! I continue to buy Compaq and have been very happy. Hopefully you will too.


Silver Spring, MD


It is fast, has lots of features, and is reasonably priced


Excellent all-around Desktop PC.FastAll the features+ that a standard internet user/student needs.Price is very reasonable. Customer service is easy to reach and friendly. I had a Dell before and this Compaq system far outshines the quality and service that they provide. I will stick with Compaq when I need to purchase new computers.


Flint, MI


Not just an inexpensice computer any more


Want a laptop with a wide screen, tons of ram and hard drive memory, a CD/DVD burner and lots of programs included all at a low cost? Then this the one is for you! Since HP took over Compaq there is an "upgrade edge" added to this formerly lower grade computer. (Looks great too!)


Clearfield, UT


Love it!


I may have been happy with just any newer computer after having my last computer and its subsequent rebuilt replacements crash on me several times, but I can't imagine being any happier than I am with my new Compaq Presario.  It runs so well and is so fast that if I am stuck at someone else's house using their older model, I get extremely impatient.  With Windows 7 installed, it is incredibly easy to use and can handle the many, many browser windows I tend to open up at a time.  As someone who was using computers before they became user friendly, this is a great advancement.  I especially love the ability to multitask at many levels.  As a homeschool mom, we are often switching between tasks and trying to do many things at a time.  My Compaq can handle it all.  Every once in a while I get stuck, but I'm not sure that it's the Compaq or my internet connection.  This Compaq can handle all the many tasks that I throw at it!


Chicago, IL


Ole Faithful Compaq Presario 6000


I bought my Compaq Presario 6000 at the end of 2003. It had already been used by one other person when I bought it. I want to compliment Compaq on being a great pc builder. Although I am now having a few minor glitches, my 6000 has been faithful. It has been recovered more times than I want to admit (due to my carelessness with viruses), has been moved in and out of houses, out of state and back, and even put in storage, but my Compaq has still remained strong. I use it every single day and when this one goes, I will still continue to buy Compaq products in the future.


Paris, TN


The best pc for your money


I have purchased this machine over 4 years ago and its still goin strong. If ever i have a problem hp online tech suport always do there best to fix it.  dektop 6000 pc is the best pc i have ever owned .


Carmichael, CA


Always online


I got my compaq for a christmas gift and love it .I had an HP before this one but my Compaq works great there is five in my family and we are always online day and night.We love to play games on it and my children love to download and burn there cd's on it.It does'nt seem to take much time for them to burn there cd's as the old computer took quite a long time to due this.This has been one of the best christmas gifts we have gotten  and hope it last for several years.


Plattsmouth, NE


It's Ok!


This computer is great for the everyday kind of things, such as using the internet, and using the Microsoft programs.  The only problem is if you are a big gamer, which I am, the graphics card in the unit is not an accelerated graphics card and there for some games can't be played on it.  You can buy an new graphics card to put in the machine, but good luck finding one that works like you want it to!


East Dublin, GA


Good value, long lasting


Bought a Compac for my daughter lat year for Christmas and I got the entertainment package - I think that is what they called it. It has 9 in 1 memory card reader, cd/dvd burner. It has been a good computer. She uses it mainly for chating, myspace and burning cd's and it works great and it is a good looking computer. Price was better than most brands.


Tazewell, TN


Compaq Presario 6000 desktop computer

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