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Compaq Evo Notebook PC

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Let's see if this Compaq laptop will bite the internet faster


This Compaq Evo N600c is a very old, Pentium III computer laptop. It has only 2 USB so I had to buy some USB Hub to add, and it is only less than 2.0 GB USB connection. While it has the capacity of fast downloading, smart chip, and built in mic, it is still abit slow whenever it becomes too hot so I had to put something under it to help the fan inside of it keep it cooler than when it was flat on the desk.  It does have the capacity to play DVD movies and movies I download. Best one is VLN Media Player better than Media players that doesn't play mp4 very well. I would recommend cautious not to shake this laptop around as if you do, it would cause the computer/laptop to crash and restart as it's happened to me a few times by accident as I moved it around to my bed.  It has a mouse stick in the middle of the keyboard while it has a mouse pad in the bottom center.  I'd recommend getting a wireless mouse as the mouse stick isn't reliable and the mousepad takes longer and have to drag, then drag again, to go from bottom left to upper right.  If I was asked if this type of laptop would be worth it buying, I would say no, get a better processor computer.

Tyler, TX


Compaq Evo Notebook PC

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