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Compaq 6715 Notebook PC

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Love it!


The Hp Compaq 6715b, is everything i wanted in a realiable laptop! Without listing all the technical stuff,(taht u can find on other reviews) it has worked great for me for about 2yrs now! i have tried to see if i could find a better laptop out there, but nothing compares (for me) to all that comes with this one!

Tomball, TX


Decent computer for everyday personal use.


I recieved this computer HP Compaq 6715b, to use at home for my school work.  The battery does not last long and it is a little slow, but not bad. I don't think it would make a great gaming computer, not speedy enough.  size and location of buttons, etc. is good. I especially like the touch bar across the top of the keyboard for volume and internet. The scroll feature on the touchpad is very convenient. It is nice to have the many usb ports, but in a laptop it would be a little crazy to have so many wires hanging out.  It is set up for vista but I have XP installed on it.  It is usually stable, any problems I have had locking up had to do with an internet site; not anything installed on the computer. Size and weight are about average for a laptop, I find the fact that you have to be straight on to see the screen an inconvenience, but not enough to upgrade the computer.  All in all; it is a good, practical computer for things like internet, paperwork, personal finance.

Saint Louis, MO


hp compaq 6715b is just enough for my work and entertaiment


I think my hewlett packard compaq 6715b notebook is not  powerful enough for gaming, but it is ok for office working, watching videos and listening to music. I do not make film or photo editing on professional level, so it works easily with it on amatour level. it has wide 15,4" screen with bright and contrast enough picture on it. I do not like specks on it when I work in the garden, but I am satisfied with quality of screen. The notebook has standart keyboard with Fn key between Ctrl and Alt keys and that is OK. I do not use touchpad, I prefer to use a mouse, so I think touchpad must be optional. There is 120G HDD in hewlett packard compaq 6715b notebook and it is enough for working with office and some other programs which needs not much disk space. I prefer watching videos on-line without dowloading them and I save disk space in this way. I think 1 G DDR2 RAm is not enough even for work and I am going to buy 4 G DDR2 RAM. I think the notebook must operate off-line much longer and that is why my rating is above average.

Hallandale, FL


Great laptop with great screen and lightweight.


This is the first HP laptop that I have worked on.  I have used Dell in the past.  This laptop is a nice machine from the easy to use features, i.e touch pad for cursor movement and slide bar, which is marked on the touch pad, finger print locking technology.  I have had very little problems with this machine.  I have notice that sometimes when I am doing multimedia functions that it will stall.  This could be my processor since it is not specifically set up for multimedia functions.  Overall it has been a great machine.

Camden, OH


Compaq 6715 Notebook PC

4.3 4