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Comfy Sacks
Comfy Sacks 6 ft Comfy Sacks bean bag chair

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Comfy. Soft. Mine.


I bought this for my new home theater and bought two 6 ft loungers to go in front of my home theater seats. I originally bought these for the kids and figured we would sit in our awesome theater seats but the reality is that me and my husband spend more time in the Comfy Sacks than on the theater seats we paid a lot of money for. We have had several friends of ours buy the Comfy Sacks too and they tell us the 6 ft sack is even more comfortable than our loungers (which I don't believe) Great product though and seem like really nice people who work there.



Bean Bag chair is great


We bought two bean bag chairs for my then 4-year old son two years ago.  We have not had a single problemwith them.  I will say, they were a little over stuffed when we bought them and weren't real comfortable but I think it was smart in hind-sight.  They have flattened out over time but are perfect still.  Not real flat but over 2 years they have held there shape.  I have removed the cover several time to wash (and I was nervous they weould never be the same again) but they went back together perfectly!  The stains from my kiddo came out in the wash and the colors (red and denim blue) were still vibrant and in great condition.  The fabric is heavy-wight and has held up to dives off the sofa and being drug all over our house.  I absolutely would recommend these bean-bag chairs to anyone who is looking for something along these lines.  While a little costly, they are still completely functional and good-looking  almost 3 years later.

Little Rock, AR


Everyone fights to sit down on my Comfy Sack


I ordered my Comfy Sack after hearing from a friend who picked one up how much he loved it.  I didn't believe him, but when I got mine I quickly realized that he had been holding out on me.  It took a few days to get it and when i first opened the box I wasn't exactly sure what to do with it.  Once I got all that figured out I started just plopping on it after work when I wanted to watch a little TV.  I'm a little ashamed to admit that I fell asleep the first few times I sat on it.  Now when people come over I make them sit on my sofas and chairs because the Comfy Sack is all mine.

Freeport, NY


Comfy Sacks 6 ft Comfy Sacks bean bag chair

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