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Comfortmaker 95 % Furnace

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I have been in the heating business for over thirty years and believe I am giving both a educated opinion as well as a honest one. Comfortmaker's ninety five precent efficient furnace is probably the best furnace in it's class. The reason I say this is in order to get this much efficiency out of a furnace it requires having two heat exchangers. Comfortmaker is currently the only manufacture that makes both heat exchangers out of stainless steel. The importance of this is when a furnace is this efficient, exhaust gases are well below boiling which causes all water that was turned to steam in combustion process to turn back to water prior to leaving the furnace. This process occurs mostly in the second heat exchanger and because they also make this exchanger out of stainless steel it will not rust out causing premature failure of your furnace. The furnace also has a modulating gas valve so it will turn it gas valve down to use less gas when outdoor temperature does not require larger heating capacity. This will reduce your gas cost. It also has a variable speed fan motor that slows down when heat load is not heavy. This will reduce the cost of yor electric bill. For those of us who are looking to go green as well as reduce our utility bills this furnace fits the bill. If you have any HVAC related Questions feel free to contact me at Sentry South Appliance and Heating Services - 716-824-5972 - ask for Jim 

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Comfortmaker 95 % Furnace

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