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Comfort Zone with Feliway Plug-Ins

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Does not work!!!


Does not work! My cat meows so much that I would going crazy. He would meow in the early mornings and at night, and whenever he wanted attention he would just meow meow meow meow. Non stop! So I looked online for a solution and the rave reviews for Feli Way seemed like it would do just the trick to stop the endling meowing and whining and crying. But no! It's been plugged in for like 2 weeks now and the meowing has NOT stopped. This isn't some magic potion or anything, this just seems like a air freshener without the smell! No affect on my cats meowing at all. I'm very disappointed in this since it was like twenty bucks! I wish I never bought it and will not be recommending this to anyone else at all. If anything, maybe playing with my cat more would make him more tired or something and prevent him from meowing all night. Oh well, I tried. Hopefully a better product comes out in the future, like a spray collar for cats that will spray them in the face when they meow so loud. That would be perfect! Feli Way should make something like that since this product sucks. Hopefully someone else finds use out of this because I didn't, and I will never buy from this company again.


Kearny, NJ


As good as advertised-- to my surprise!


Feliway cat diffuser is one of those products I wish I had found years ago.  My well-behave pets went nuts after the baby was born, and I found myself cleaning up pools of liquid cat-resentment for months.  The vet said nothing was wrong but nerves, so I thought I had to live with it or get rid of the cats. Finally, in desperation, I tried this stuff, and I found immediate reduction in the number of times my cats fought with each other and tried to mark my house.  I wish I had known early enough to save my wood floor or the wall paper from the spraying.  Now, our lives aren't perfect, but they are a lot better.  We have very few "accidents" anymore, starting from almost the moment we plugged in our first set of diffusers.  We use one in every room where the cats liked to urinate inappropriately.  At first they picked new spots, but as time went on, they really began to give it up altogether. The chemical lasts for about a month before it needs a refill, and it gets awfully pricey, but it is a whole lot cheaper than buying new carpet and new floors.


Vienna, VA


Better than some of the other products out there.


 I used the Comfort Zone Feliway Plug in to help intergrate a multiple cat household.  It worked as well as i could have hoped, after buying generic products that did absolutely nothing.  This was much better.  I also used it as a calming agent to help ease my cat's stress levels to keep her from having her herpes flair ups.  However, it is a bit pricey.


Carmichael, CA


Works like a Charm!


We recently purchased the Feilway spray because we moved.  The previous owner had cats, and our 6 cats wanted to "Mark" their terriory by peeing all over the house.  So we put one of the diffusers in the living room.  It worked like a charm. After a few days there were no more messes!It is a bit expensive, but so worth the price.  It not only works for getting your cat to stop pottying where you don't want, but also is a behavior modifier as well.  We use the spray when we are going to the vet to help them calm down.Deffinately a must have for any cat owner!


Fort Atkinson, WI


Works like a charm!


We had an elderly cat who started to urinate outside of the litter box for no discernable reason, so I did my research and found rave reviews for Feliway - both the spray and the diffuser. Took about 2 weeks of regular use, but it did the trick!After our old lady passed away, a kitten found his way into our lives (showed up out of nowhere!). Our new kitten insisted on scratching our sofas instead of using the awesome cat tree we'd bought for him (of course!)... so, I decided break the Feliway back out. Sprayed the furniture and used the diffuser. Took a little while, but it still worked!Then we decided to get our new kitty a companion, and the diffuser worked wonders to alleviate the usual tensions of introducing a new cat into the home. It doesn't smell, it's easy to use, and it works to calm the cats down. Great stuff!


Covington, IN


Comfort Zone with Feliway Plug-Ins

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