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Comfort Zone CZ-792 Electric Utility Heater

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Bring Summer Into Your Room This Winter! Cost Effective Too.


One of the things we need living in a rural area is plenty of cost effective heating sources. If for some reason our power goes out, or our heating unit goes out, we need to have some alternative to give us heat in a time of need. One thing that we have gotten a lot of use out of is our Comfort Zone Portable Utility heater. It is a metal housed heating unit with metal bars on the front to keep it from tipping completely over. It has a dial for heat control and a light to show it is on. It plugs in the wall with a decent cord length but not too long. Performance This little heater is amazingly efficient. We have actually heated up a large room to a comfortable temperature using this heater. It kicked on and off at a good rate too so it was not running much at all compared to what all other portable heaters had been doing. Ease of Use This is a snap to use. Turn on the switch, set the temp and the light goes on when it is on. Durability We have had ours for quite a few years now and it has been quite a handy little thing to have. Design Great design. Compact, safe, and efficient. Easy to use too. Our friend uses his to process deer meat in his garage in the late fall early winter and it works fine to heat up his garage! Safety If this tips over, it turns off automatically to prevent fires. It is pretty sturdy too.

Podunk, NY


Comfort Zone CZ-792 Electric Utility Heater

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