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Comfort Zone
Comfort Zone CZ-500 Electric Compact Heater

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Comfort Zone Compact Heater: Makes mountain life easy!


I live in the Appalachians and this is my first winter here. I was a bit concerned as the heating rates went up in my area, so I purchased the Comfort Zone CZ-500 Electric Compact Heater. How perfect is this little thing?! I have a tiny apartment so it was just the right size. It heats quickly with little noise (just enough to be soothing at bedtime), is not too hot to the touch when I need to move it, and knows when to turn off for the right amount of comfort. Very lightweight, with a great variety of settings. Who needs a giant furnace or loud, overheating (and in some cases, too bright) and most of all, overpriced appliance? If you have a power source, I would definitely recommend it for camping as well. It is small and powerful enough to take up hardly any space. The only reason I haven't given it a 5 is that if I turn the notch a bit over my usual setting it can get pretty hot. But that's really my problem, isn't it? Enjoy! Performance Heats quickly, quiet, many settings. Ease of Use Easy to set and understand, but can put out a lot of heat quickly. Durability Lasts all day with consistent quality. Design One of the best aspects; small design with lots of power, makes it easy to keep your mind on more important things and not on trying to decide where it needs to go to stay out of the way. Safety Not hot to the touch so it can be moved as needed, safe around kids and pets.

Marietta, GA


Comfort Zone CZ-500 Electric Compact Heater

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