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Comfort & Harmony Bouncer - Pink

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Not what I was hoping for


My daughter lived this bouncer when we brought her home from the hospital. She would play in it and sleep in it. She took all of her naps in the bouncer with the vibration on. You can take the cover off and machine wash it for those inevitable blow outs. However before the first batteries died the motor blew out. The vibrations turn off automatically after 20 minutes and we once ran it once ever hour or too. The manufacturer won't sell replacement parts. So now it sits in the closet and I can sit her down I. It for 5 minutes at a time to get dressed in the morning. At first I lived this bouncer but I'm very disappointed in it. Buy a different brand.



not the greatest


Well, I registered for this item back when I was pregnant on the advice of family members.  Setting it up wasn't too complicated and you can take the cover off to wash it if necessary.  Unfortunately I think that the toy bar hangs a bit too low and gets too close to the baby's face.  My baby is in fact a bit scared of the animals on the  toy bar and tries to bat them away.  I have mixed reviews about the vibrations and music.  I think the music is actually a bit too low and the vibrations are too much.  When my baby is awake he won't spend more than a few minutes in this chair.  However, he tolerates it for awhile if he is already asleep and you need an extra pair of hands to hold him for awhile.  Also, the straps that keep the baby in seem to be a little odd, they pucker a bit in the middle and close in on the sides to make it somewhat awkward to strap the baby into the seat.  I would actually recommend buying a swing over this bouncer since it hasn't been very helpful.

Manassas, VA


allows you to get work done in the comfort bouncer


I have this bouncer in blue but it is identical to this one besides color. We received this product as a gift and I immediately loved how  much extra padding it has. I hate when you see small babies with their necks all messed up because their car seat or bouncer doesn't provide enough support to keep their air ways open. I also really like that it reclines, a lot of bouncers only have one setting. The chair also vibrates but the vibrations shut off after a while, its nice that it saves the batteries but makes it hard for the baby to fall asleep in it.   Some advice for parents that might be using this. When you put it together make sure to read ALL the directions, it is not as easy as it looks and if you mess something up it can take a while to work back on the steps to get it fixed.  Also once you have it together get rid of the toy bar it only gets in the way. It is way too low for older babies to sit in the bouncer with the toys and not useful for smaller babies because they don't care about toys yet .   All in all I love a bouncer because it allows me to get things done around the house but I'd probably buy a different one. Thankfully we got this one as a gift at our shower because I wouldn't have wanted to spent this much on it

Lansing, MI


Great for many things


This bouncer has been wonderful for our newborn little girl. When she was first born, she would not sleep in her bassinet because it had an open feeling. This bouncer was a lifesaver. It was snuggly and comfortable for her. It is also great when your infant is congested because it can elevate. Our daughter has slept in it a lot because she has had so much congestion. Another great feature is the bar with toys hanging over it. The toys are close enough where she can hit the toys and play with them. It also vibrates which she loves. The only thing I do not like is the head support. My daughter is smaller, and the head support did not suit our needs until she was 6 weeks old. I had to remove it and safety pin it lower on the seat so it would work for her. The buckle could also be designed a little better.  I would recommend this to any parent. We have definitely gotten our money's worth out of it. 

Odenville, AL


Comfort & Harmony Bouncer - Pink

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