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Bathroom Heater


We bought this comfort essential heater and have been using it during the winter months for the past four years to add some heat in our bathroom on those cold mornings. It has two heat settings, but I do not think we have ever used the low heat as it seems we automatically put it on high anyhow so the low heat button is pretty much useless. By turning it on for about fifteen minutes before getting into the shower it is nice and comfortable in the room. This was our fouth winter of use, and it heats as well as it did four years ago. It is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and only takes up about eight inches of floor space. I do not have to worry about safety issues with this floor heater as it is very sturdy and sits on a very wide base. It does have a shut-off button which is easy to use, but also with just the slightest knock it will turn off even quicker as it has the automatic shut-off as a built in safety feature. I also do not have to worry about tiny little children hands touching it because the casing stays cools to the touch as it has a lot of air venting on three sides.

Oxford, NC


Loud with not enough heat


This product misses the mark.  It should be simple concept.  The design and purpose is not new or revolutionary.  This product falls short in execution.  Not enough attention to detail where simlair products while still noisey actually produces heat. 

Peoria, IL


Comfort Essentials Utility Heater

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