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Comfort-Aire Pint Dehumidifier

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A lifesaver in Florida!


I live in Florida which you may or may not know is the humidity capitol of the world, or at least it seems so sometimes. So when summer weather hit a few weeks ago I knew i needed to get a new humidifier. After doing some research I found a lot of good things being said about Comfort Aire brand, and decided to look into them. After doing some digging I found this pint sized model and decided that would work fine in the bedroom. So I bought one. Setting it up and installing it for use was a breeze, my guess would be that it was out of the box and working within ten minutes. It didn't take that long to get used to it, since there is very little sound coming from the unit. The water pan is a little weird, but nothing too out of the norm. It took a couple of times to get used to the awkwardness of it, but within a couple of days it was like second nature to me. The unit itself is very sturdily made, and easy to clean- both very important things to me. So those were both biggies to me. I would definately recommend this anyone looking for a smaller dehumidifier unit. It wouldn't work for a larger space, but it a bedroom, laundry room or even a office it would work wonders, and it is well worth the price.



I hated this humidifier.


I had the Comfort-Aire Pint Dehumidifier for a brief period before it was thrown directly into the trash. This device is such a hassle and is poorly made. Any time there is mold around I get severe bloody noses. To combat mold and mildew from forming in my bathroom I place a dehumidifier in there. I purchased this particular one on a whim once. I should have looked online at reviews before buying it. First, the water reservoir is very difficult to put in. You have to use a lot of force. The reservoir fills up very quickly so you are going to spend a lot of time forcefully trying to get it back into the machine. I don't want to have to constantly watch my dehumidifier to see if the thing is full! The device is very loud when it is turned on. After about a month the machine just started turning itself off for no reason. I was not that sad when it started malfunctioning, that just gave me a good reason to toss that hassle of a machine into the trash! Do not buy this. Effectiveness It worked moderately well but it was just a hassle to use.



Does the job


Having a basement is great, but comes with some problems. A problem I faced was that my basement was always damp and humid. This was a problem through out the entire year and I decided to take action by buying this dehumidifier. I liked that this product was small enough to be hidden away when not in use. The dehumidifier was able to suck out the extra moisture in the air. The product had immediate results and was easy to set up. The biggest problem I faced with this with this product was that it only had a small reserve for the collected water. The water storage cup constantly seemed to fill up and had to be emptied numerous times during the day which made it quite tedious. Perhaps the larger upgraded version would have made for a better purchase. All in all this device will solve the problem, but may not be good for a larger room that collects a lot of moisture.

Emmaus, PA


Dislike this brand


I have had nothing but bad experiences with these brands of dehumidifiers. We live in a damp area and have to have several of these throughout our home due to the size of the home. We bough two of this brand, new in box, and have nothing but trouble out of them both. When the first one died, we went and had it repaired. The shop was less than pleased to do the work. The motor died within the first six months of ownership. After the second one died not even a week later, I had enough of dealing with it. Effectiveness The dehumidifier worked really great while it lasted. Safety There was nothing particularly dangerous about this dehumidifier. Ease of Cleaning There is no issues in cleaning this dehumidifier. Durability This machine should have lasted longer. Both machines malfunctioned and stopped working within half a year. Design The design is fine from a aesthetic point, but there's a lot to be desired in the design of the motor.



one of the best ones out there


this dehumidifier is one of the best ones out there and it's not like super expensive either. what i like about it is that it is not loud at all. i just turn it on at night when i'm sleeping and since i am not a heavy sleeper, i usually cannot go to sleep with loud noises, however, this dehumidifier is not loud at all, in fact it is veyr silent and i was able to sleep through the night very peacefully even when i had the dehumidifier turned on all night. the buttons are very easy to read and push and it has multi functions like low high medium settings. the dehumidifier is not that big and it is quite compact so it doens't take up a lot of sotrage space in my bedroom. this is great for people living in very humid places and it works very well and i like this model a lot and frigidaire is a very trusty brand.

Riverside, CA


I appreciate my Dehumidifier.


I am grateful for the amount of water the dehumidifier is able to pull out of my house. It is kind of slow and kind of loud but it does a good job at pulling the water. I don't appreciate the size of the appliance but also appreciate that it can hold a large amount of water. I like that it stops when it gets full so I don't have to worry about it overfilling. I also like that it has a high and low setting. The off white color makes it easy to put in any room. I did appreciate that the appliance was not horribly expensive. I like that there are only two knobs so it makes it really easy to use. The only other problem I have is that when the bucket is full of water I can't lift it to dumb so might be better to have a smaller appliance.

Coos Bay, OR


Dehumidifier gets the job done


This was the dirst dehumidifier I ever purchased and so far I have no complaints. My apartment gets very humid and sticky in the summer (esp living in NY with the ridiculous high humidity) and it was essential to purchase a dehumidifier. I did some research and based on what I read and for the price I decided to purchase one from Comfort-Aire. I have had no problems with it. It does a good job of making my apartment feel cooler and the air more bareable. It is very quiet and I barely know I have it on while its running. The water is easy to remove and dispose of when it is full. For the price this is a really good buy and gets done what it promises. The only negative I can think of is that the cord isn't very long so you can't move it very far from the outlet. But that is just a minor issue easily resolved with an extension cord. If you are in the market I wouldn't look and further than this item.

Ronkonkoma, NY


This great appliance dried my basement up in a jiffy.


**In January of this year, our town experienced the worst flood ever. I was one of the lucky ones and had only 5 feet of water in my basement. Many people had that much in their living areas. However, when the water went down, I was left with an inch of mud and everything was wet and nasty. I bought this dehumidifier and hooked it up to a hose to my floor drain. It was important to get it dried out as fast as possible to eliminate the possibility of mold and mildew. This ran day and night and in less than a week, my mud had dried up and could be shoveled out. There is no musty smell and everything is dry to the touch. It runs occasionally, so I know it's keeping everything dry. It's not noisy and not too heavy for this lady to move around. It has wheels and the dials are easy to read and understand. I highly recommend this appliance to anyone who has a humidity problem.**

Pontiac, IL


Comfort-Aire Pint Dehumidifier

3.5 8