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ComforZen  2.5-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper - All Sizes

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Not soft, felt very firm when I slept on it.


Slept on this new comfort zen 2.5 inch gel foam matress topper 4 lb density last night. Boy was I disappointed, was not soft at all. Couldn't tell any difference. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. I ask some of you who have one, is there a so called "break in" period? I've slept MUCH better in the cheap convoluted 1.5 inch foam toppers. I'm puzzled frankly. I challenge any of you to put 2 cheap 1.5 inch convoluted mattress toppers on your bed sleep on it, and compare. Much more comfy than memory foam.



Extremely comfortable but I had a major allergic reaction!


It cured our back pain instantly. I have exercise induced asthma and have not had any symptoms in years, UNTIL I'd been using this mattress topper for a week. It took over a month for me to narrow down what was causing my sudden chronic asthma. The Doctor put me on Singular and I was using my inhaler 4 or more times a day. Finally I took the topper off and after one night I could tell a huge difference. Unfortunately I'm going to have to get rid of this one and try something else. :( The box says that it has other ingredients however, the mattress tag says 100% polyurethane. ?

Searcy, AR


My 1.5 inch memory foam pad has given me sweeter dreams


I recently moved into a new apartment and couldnt bring my king sized bed into my new small studio so I bought a futon which was comfortable at first but soon left me with back pains. The memory foam was just what i needed. Laying on it feels like youre sinking in but supported at the same time. It has definitely helped my sleeping habits and my back pains

Brooklyn, NY


ComforZen 2.5-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper - All Sizes

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