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Comet Multi-Surface Spray Cleaner, Lemon Fresh

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Not As Good As I Thought


I have always been a user of any Comet products so when I ran across Comet, Multi-Surface Spray Cleaner, Lemon Fresh, I also wanted to try it. After cleaning my counter tops, cabinet doors and door facings, I found that this product wasn't really good to clean with. Comet Multi-Surface Spray Cleaner seemed to leave an oily, greasy feel and look to everything that I had used it on. I had to go back and rewash everything, which was such a hassle. The fragrance of the Comet does smell nice and fresh but doesn't provide great cleaning results. The price of the Comet is really cheap but I feel as though this is one of those items that you get what you pay for. I did not like the results of the Comet Multi-Surface Spray Cleaner and would not purchase it again, nor would I recommend it to anyone. Save your time and money and go with a different multi-purpose cleaner. You will be happy that you did.



Comet Multi-Surface Spray Cleaner, Lemon Fresh

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