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Combined Insurance Company of America

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Combined Insurance Company of America is a sound and affordable


Combined Insurance Company of America was founded by W.Clement Stone over 90 years ago. Their products pay you directly, not the hospitals or the doctors,and they pay in addition to any other insurance you my have,including major medical,VA,Medicare,or other supplemental policies of the same type you may have with another company. What impresses me the most about this company is that you can count on seeing an agent personally every 6 months because they come by to you,either at your place of work or at your residence,to review your coverage with you,update any changes you may have regarding your personal information,discuss new products with you,as well as help you fill out your claims. Most companies now a days sell you a policy and you never see the agent again. A lot of times,you don't even know what you bought,how your covered,and most importantly,how to use it when the time arises. Rest assured,you won't have this problem with Combined Insurance Company for they are a leader in their field. As a matter of fact,they are the orginal founders of supplemental insurance. No, you won't see their fancy ads featuring ducks or lizards on t.v.,which is one way they keep their costs down and pay out their claims as stipulated in a timely manner. Find an agent in your area today.

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Combined Insurance Company of America

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