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Combi Shuttle Infant Car Seat

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The best car seat I have purchased


I love this carseat. Ease of Installation It is like any other carseat installation. Child's Comfort My baby looked so comfortable in this car seat compared to other seat. Support and Safety I felt like she was always safe it never gave me a resin not to. It supported her through every month she was in it from newborn to 9 months. Ease of Use The only thing I had trouble with was sometimes I couldn't pull the reaper bar up far enough to release it from the base Design I loved the design Durability It is very durable.



Combi Shuttle is durable


We bought this carseat for our daughter and we are now using it for our next baby. It is easy to use and works well with the Combi stroller. It can be difficult to unhook from the base but a little WD40 helped that problem. We love it and love the color.

Maryville, TN


I LOVE My Combi Shuttle!


We purchased the Combi Shuttle infant seat to use with the Combi Twin savy stroller. I am so happy that we decided to buy this car seat! It is so sturdy and feels much safer than other infant seats that I have owned. I love that it clicks into the side-by-side Combi stroller as well, making traveling with a toddler and a baby really easy. This infant seat is also very stylish looking and I get compliments on the fabric almost every time we use it. The base of the car seat is a little challenging to install and due to the make of our car, we needed to purchase a car seat leveler to install it properly. The only thing that I do not like about this seat is that it is heavier than most other infant seats making it harder to carry from place to place while your baby is in it. Overall, I feel that this infant seat is well worth the money and I feel confident that my baby is well protected in this seat.

Miamisburg, OH




  I really liked this carseat overall as it fit nicely in our sm car. The only problem we had is our son is wider and so he outgrew this seat way before we planned on him doing so. I says 35lbs but it is not as wide as other carseats so for any big babys it does not last as long. 

Wichita, KS


Excellent Value, Easy to use


We researched bucket infant seats as much as possible, and decided on the Combi travel system because of it's high safety ratings and ease of use.  It did not disappoint!  My son, who is now 14 months and 23lbs, is just about to switch over to his "big boy" car seat.  We easily could have switched months ago, but the Combi is so easy to use, move around, etc, that we chose to keep him in it as long as possible.  Highly recommend!

Arlington, TX


Safe carseat but very heavy!


I received the carseat and stroller combo as a gift for my first child. My mother in law researched to try to find the safest car seat and decided on this travel system. I had not heard much about Combi brand before but I trusted her research. I was really happy with the carseat knowing it was safe. The carseat is easy to lock in to the stroller and the car seat base. However, the buckles in the seat are very complicated! You have to fit the pieces together like a puzzle before you can even snap it in. My parents and in laws have just given up and let me take over after trying forever to buckle the baby in. It is also excessively heavy. I didn't realize all carriers were not that heavy until after carrying other people's babies in their carseats. It also gets stuck on the base sometimes when I try to get the baby out of the car. Overall, though, I would still recommend the seat for safety. We were in a wreck that totaled a new vehicle and my daughter came out of it shaken up but not hurt at all. We took her in to see the doctor and they could find nothing wrong. All 3 other passengers were injured but the baby was fine! I can overlook the other issues with the seat to keep my baby safe!

Wagoner, OK


Really Disapointed. and it was super expensive.


So far we have had to return our car seat once, and its almost going on twice. My family bought me this car seat and it is super cute. but thats the only positive thing about it. the clips in the base broke after 2 months and now the rebound bar on it is breaking off. i was planning on saving it for my next child but no thanks. ill buy something cheaper that i know works (from reviews from other families) on the plus side the customer service was really nice.

Prior Lake, MN


Combi Shuttle Infant Car Seat

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