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Infant Car Seats
Combi Connection Infant Car Seat

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Combi connection is a good carseat


When I was trying to decide which carseat to get when I was pregnant with my first child, I asked my friends, read the Baby Bargains book, surfed the web . . . everything.  But nothing can take the place of using something on a day to day basis.  In the end I am happy with the carseat.  I wish I could say the same for my babies (2 so far).  I don't mean to imply that the kids didn't like the carseat - they didn't like any carseat.  Here is why I chose this carseat:  weight, ease of inserting and removing from the base, looks.  This was lighter than many of the other infant seats and while 7 or 8 lbs doesn't seem like much when you see it on paper, you have to remember that you are going to be putting a 7-20 lb baby in for the next 9 or so months.  And putting the carseat into the base and removing it was simple.  And I admit, a big reason I selected this was the way it looked.  I got the plum color (purple is my favorite!) and it was not overly babyish and worked for a boy or a girl.  I dislike all the baby patterns that were used on many of the other popular brands.  I will say that the combi is not as popular as some other brands and therefore it wasn't compatible with some of the jogging strollers or car seat carrier frames except the one made by combi.  I had a combi stroller as well so made my own travel system.  Another plus was the size -- fit beautifully in my car.  When my son was always crying in the car, I bought a graco snugride but he hated that too.  And that one seemed so much bigger and I couldn't put it behind the driver seat without moving it forward. Child's Comfort Hard for us to tell, neither of my kids liked any carseat. Looks comfy enough though. Durability Lasted for two kids. think that's it for us though.

Reston, VA


Combi Connection is great for smaller babies


I purchased the combi connection carseat becuase we had a premature baby and wanted a carseat that would suit a smaller child. She fits comfortably in this seat, and it is easier for me the mother to carry around, since it is not bulky like other seats. Also the color schemes work for both male and female. It is easy to work, and easy  to snap in the base. It also comes with a newborn foam insert to ensure a cozy fit for little newborns. The only complaint I have about this seat is that my baby girl seems to be growing out of it rather quickly, as it is a smaller seat. Her feet are hanging of the edge now that she is 9 months old, and we are considering buying her a convertable carseat so she will be more comfortable. But it worked well for us for the last 9 months and we are pleased with it. Another plus is that it fits on our stroller which was nice for when she was young, so we didnot have to wake the poor girl up when we took her out of the car and put her in the stroller.

Laie, HI


Combi Connection Infant Car Seat

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