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Combi City Savvy All Weather Stroller

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Nice & safe stroller


This stroller by Combi is a good value. It's design is basic but comfortable, and of good-quality. The only major drawback is that it's not very lightweight, which is essential for petite women.  Your man may not always being around and in this day & age, many women are single mothers who must tackle baby equipment daily on their own.

Gardena, CA


i hate this stroller


This stroller is the worst. It made me dread having to ever leave my house, that's how bad it is. The wheels were constantly locking up and going in all different directions. Everytime I had to turn a corner I would panic wondering if my stroller was gonna make it or lock up or even tip over. It's lightweight, affordable and well reviewed and those were all of the things that sold me on it. I didn't want a stroller that was gonna break my back everytime I put it in and out of my car and I wanted one that would travel well and this one did all of those things which is fine until you want to actually put your child in and use it! The infant car seat that goes with it isn't much better. First, you have to use two hands to lock and unlock the handle bar in position which is totally unpractical and it also got stuck in the base all of the time. It would take me sometimes up to 5 or 6 attempts to get it unstuck so that I could get my baby out. After fighting with it for so long I jsut gave up and decided to start taking my baby out of the seat. So in my opinion I have nothing good to say about Combi products. I like the idea of lightweight, trendy stuff but please, make a better product!

Catonsville, MD


One of the better strollers but not the best


So, the combi is a great stroller especially if you want to use it with a combi carseat.  The main problem I have with the combi is that it is so light that when you push it the top of it moves before the bottom...kinda squirly.  If you have heavy kiddos, it's definatley not for you.  My kids lean toward small size, barely 20lbs at 1yr and it was difficult to push when she was that big.  I would go with a Maclaren or a Chicco.  Still chic, sporty and lightweight, but must push a maclaren and then a combi with a 15-25 lb kid in it.  The difference is significant.  I do love the golfbag fold, but the umbrella fold is just as good.  Just stay away from the big bulky strollers that take up all your trunkspace!

San Antonio, TX


combi city savvy-incredibly sturdy & reliable 4 affordable price


I'm very satisfied with the Combi City Savvy, we had to buy it quickly when one day our expensive Maclarens wheels gave out. That was 3 yrs ago, I must say it withstands NYC sidewalks on any given day, rain or shine. We've travel extensively with it as well. It lightweight, durability and practicality can't be beat!

New York, NY


very nice quality product easy to push


This is a quality product, a little exspensive but well worth it in the long run. When you push it and steer it you can tell the differance between this stoller and the cheaper ones. The sand toller is very light which makes it easy to lift into the car. it folds and unfolds very easy. you can do it with one hand.

Simi Valley, CA


Short, flimsy, didn't last very long.


I purchased this stroller 2 yearas ago because we loved the Combi Connection infant car seat that worked with it.  The car seat did it's job well, lasted as long as it was supposed to, and we felt like we got our money's worth out of it.Not so with the stroller.It is light.  It does fold up easily and fits in even small trunks.  But......  It folds up so small because it folds differently than other strollers.  There are 2 hinges on the push bar where the handles fold inward.  Which makes the stroller feel flimsy and unsteady when you're pushing it.  The basket is small.  It tips over backwards if you have something heavier than a purse on the handles and take your child out of the seat.  And it's short.  At 5'6", this stroller is uncomfortable for me to push.  In addition to that, the tires showed signs of wear far too soon.  And did I mention that it is SHORT?  I've used mine about once a week and mostly in malls- nothing rough- and it was wearing out in less than 2 years.  I am thrilled to say I got rid of it.

Seattle, WA


Combi City Savvy All Weather Stroller

3.3 6