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Infant Car Seats
Combi Centre EX Infant Car Seat

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Difficult to use, and HEAVY!


This Combi Centre EX infant carrier car seat seemed really nice at first, before my son was born and up until he began to get active. The buckles are a pain in the rear end to put together. It's like a puzzle piece that you have to hold together while you put into the part between your baby's legs. Once the baby starts to get active, they fight you, so it's EXTREMELY hard to hold them together while putting your child in the car seat. I would recommend looking for a carseat that more closely resembles the design of a normal seat belt, with metal prongs that you put into the buckler. This infant carrier is also really really heavy to carry. I ended up buying a Graco car seat later, and it was at least 10 times lighter than this Combi one.The seat does feature the 5-point harness that is important for safety, but that's about all that it has going for it. I would definitely NOT recommend this car seat.

Woodstock, IL


Combi Centre EX Infant Car Seat

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