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Columbian Home Products Company
Columbian Home Products Company Granite Ware Roasting Pan

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Chippety Doo Dah, My Pan Is Now Dyeing


When I was a little girl, we used to visit my grandmother every year or two in another state. It was the event of the year! Besides the little presents tucked under our pillows when we arrived, the old time toys my grandfather made sure to keep for us to play with for hours, another memory that was always in my house was her granite cookware. Those big black roasting pans with white speckles on them were heavy and made like iron. Many a chicken or small turkey was roasted in there with potatoes and carrots despite the hot summer weather. It was a memory I treasured. As soon as we had the chance, I made sure to purchase my own granite ware roasting pan. Columbian Home Products roaster seemed to be the answer to my quest. A covered nice roasting pan was just what we needed for our Thanksgiving turkey- or so we thought. Performance As a new roaster, this pan was nice. The turkey roasted fine. The cover fit well, and the steel core seemed to be okay, although it seemed a bit lightweight compared to my grandmother's pan. The clean up was not too great, but more on that later. Ease of Cleaning It was a bit challenging to clean up the Granite Ware pan- some of the turkey residue was a bit tough to get off, but with a little soaking and elbow grease, it did come off eventually. I got to actually use my grandmother's Granite style roasting pan, however, and it was MUCH easier to clean than this one is. Durability I am so upset- this pan chipped the second time I used it. The old style granite ware roasters were so tough, you could drop them on a stone and it would not chip. This pan chipped in several places with normal use. The chipping went down to the bare steel. Because this was so annoying, I stopped using it for poultry and it was drafted into my dyeing cupboard- I use it for stove top fiber dyeing. Design Other than the crummy quality in the coating, the design is nice. Poultry fits nicely into this pan. The cover fits well too. Doesn't Stick Things did tend to stick to the coating which was frustrating, but it was not TOO bad, except when the coating chipped off!

Podunk, NY


Columbian Home Products Company Granite Ware Roasting Pan

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