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Colorburst Flowering Plant Food

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I Prefer Mirical Grow over Colorburst


I bought Colorburst Flowering Plant Food along with the purchase of my "Knock Out Roses." I usually buy Mirical Grow products but this was not available here so I bought Colorburst.The numbers under the title are for the percentage of primary nutrients provided. The numbers or percentages in this formula are as follows :15% is Nitrogen=N / 30%- Phosphorus S and 15% Potassium K. Nitrogen stimulates growth and encourages a thick green lawn.Phosphorus promotes blooming and stimulates early root formation while hastening maturaty and Potassium improves plant hardiness and draught resistance. This plant food is in an easy to use granular form.There is a chart on the bag for feeding the correct amount and how to feed. This plant food is especially for flowering plants. It is formulated to inhance the amount of blooms your plant yields so you will obtain maximum enjoyment from your plants. Colorburst plant food is an average form of fertilizer. I still prefer Mirical Grow for my plant needs.

Rocky Mount, NC


Colorburst Flowering Plant Food

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