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Color Remedy
Color Remedy Bath Towels

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Use This To Rub Against You To Feel Good All Over


I received this bath towel as a gift. The color I received was a very bold, bright pink and it is super soft to even just touch it, let alone using it. Now, this is not an ordinary bath towel even though it is made of 100 % cotton. No way, no how. This large sized beauty ( 30" x 54") has some special things going for it. I am so impressed that they finally have this on the market. 1) It is super soft and made of 100% cotton. 2) Bleach resistant - you can use chlorine bleach and it won't hurt this towel. 3) Fade resistant- The color of this type of towel will not be facding on you, but will remain bright. 4) Color Protectant - This bath towel protects again bleached out stains from peroxide products. I recommend this towel as it is super soft, reliable, won't fade on me and is bleach friendly . Made in Pakistan for WestPoint Home in New York, New York.


Boondocks the heart of Northern , NY


Color Remedy Bath Towels

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