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Collins Unique Stitch Adhesive

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If You Hate To Sew, Unique Stitch Is A Must-Have


Over the years I have tried a lot of no-sew products to fix hems or to try to cover rips in clothing. Unique Stitch is a liquid adhesive that is water soluble until it dries; when the liquid dries completely it will not wash away when clothes are laundered or when they get wet. Compared to the webbing material that is ironed into seams and hems this works better but you need to have even coverage so that it dries at the same rate and so there are no visible clumps or lumps in the material when it dries. This is a nice thing to have on hand when you don't want to sew but it does need time to set up and harden. There is no need to heat set this so it works differently than webbing but it's less forgiving if you make a mistake. This can be cleaned up before it dries but if you make a mistake on clothing you are going to want to remove as much of it as possible to avoid having the material get stiff. I use this on the sleeves of my t-shirts when the seams rip and it doesn't weigh down the material. This is one of only two glues that I will use when I make felt Christmas ornaments because once the glue sets up and I start stuffing the ornaments I never have to worry about the seams giving way or splitting. When the ornaments are stuffed I only have to add three small stitches to close up the side of it. The felt is still soft and doesn't get hard; that's one of the biggest problems when working with felt and water based or all purpose glues.



Collins Unique Stitch Adhesive

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