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Collective Wisdom
Collective Wisdom Spelling Games ABC Dice

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Spelling Games with ABC Dice: easy, fun & educational


**Spelling Games Alphabet ABC Dice**by Collective Wisdominquire@collectivewisdom.bizThe **Spelling Game ABC Dice** are packaged in a box about the size of a box of 3 golf balls. The eight lettered dice inside are quite a bit larger than typical dice. Also inside is an instruction sheet with a bit of alphabet history, how to get started, how to keep score and tips for younger players.The Basics for Playing the **ABC Dice Spelling Game:**Each player tosses all eight dice and tries to come up with a word using as many letters as possible. After word number one, the player can attempt more words and will receive a point for each letter used. Optionally, you can use a timer and set a time limit. With younger players you can simply assign one point per word to keep it simple. Who wins? If you're adding points for each letter, the player with 36 points wins. If you're adding points for each word, the player with 12 points wins. One child could play this game alone solitaire style. I think a game with more than 4 players would get boring for the waiters. Preschoolers could simply play games identifying letters or first letters of words. Primary age kids could practice creating spelling words.We played this game this morning with three players and it took only 12 minutes. Even the almost five year old played and came up with no, go, we, hot and hen. I loved watching the eight year old almost settle for sing and add a t to make sting. I once could have made brothel but it was too early in the morning to explain that one so I stopped at broth. It is a similar idea to the game of [Scrabble][1] but without a board and less challenging and quicker to play since players are not adding to words.**The ABC Dice Spelling Game **would be ideal for:Easter gift basket toysChristmas stocking stuffersBirthday gifts***My Viewpoint:*****The ABC Dice Spelling Game** is fun, educational, easy and quick to play and doesn't take up much storage space so I give it an A+. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Scrabble-Classic-Edition-reviews

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Collective Wisdom Spelling Games ABC Dice

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