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Colgate Total Gum Defense Toothpaste

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Colgate Total Gum DIsease is a Winner


Gums need special attention. Gum disease is one of the most common oral problems and it can lead to painful irritation. A product made specifically for the purpose of keeping gums healthy is **Colgate Total Gum Defense Toothpaste.** **Toothpaste Facts and Commentary:** Colgate Total Gum Defense Toothpaste is another entry in Colgate Total lineup. It is a toothpaste specially made with gum care in mind. It contains fluoride to prevent cavities, ingredients to fight tartar, 12 hour protection against bacteria plaque formation, and special chemicals to prevent and reduce gingivitis, a common gum disease that can lead to other problems if not treated. Colgate Total Gum Defense Toothpaste is offers in clean mint, advanced fresh gel, and regular flavors, each with its own variation on the mint taste. The paste is smooth and pleasant to use, with a taste that isn't too harsh, but is still minty enough to result in fresh breath and an overall feeling of clean. Colgate Total Gum Defense Toothpaste is a little harder to find than the other Colgate Total brands. This one has quite a bit going for it, but it does take some time to find and some may be forced to resort to an online sale in order to purchase. The cost is a little greater than other toothpastes, but the protection offered here is superior to most all other brands. **My Bottom Line:** Colgate's Total lineup continues to grow and although the choices are sometimes confusing, the quality is above average and I have yet to find a Total product that I didn't like. Colgate Total Gum Defense Toothpaste is one of Colgate's best and it is the only one on the market that has FDA approval to fight plaque and gingivitis. It makes a good choice for those who are concerned about gum disease and want to prevent its occurrence..

Houston, TX


Another Winning Toothpaste from Colgate


Now that I've reached my 50th birthday, my dentist advised taking extra care with my gums. I have to say that I am pretty conscientious when it comes to my oral hygiene, but with Colgate Total Gum Defense, I now have another weapon in my bacteria-fighting arsenal. Until recently, I had been using the original Colgate Total toothpaste because I love the foamy, fresh, toothpasty taste of it, and the fact that its bacteria-fighting formula lasts for 12 hours. Well, Total Gum Defense ups the ante by also providing serious protection from gingivitis in a non-irritating paste. Since I follow up my brushing with thorough flossing and a vigorous swish of Listerine, the germs in my mouth don't stand a chance! One thing I did notice was that both regular Colgate Total and Total Gum Defense have identical active ingredients. I'm guessing that the difference must be in the amount of each ingredient that they're using. At any rate, I love the taste, I love the texture and I love the results of both formulas. For now, I'm sticking with **Colgate Total Gum Defense** as my daily toothpaste. I can't imagine how they could ever improve on this product.

Chicagoland, IL


Colgate Total Gum Defense Toothpaste

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