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Colgate ProClinical Daily Whitening Toothpaste

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A really great toothpaste


I am usually a very price conscious shopper. I knew I had to break the bank with this product, however, and just buy it because I just knew that it was going to help me in the difficult task of whitening my teeth. I love all things coffee and have been drinking it for just the past couple of years. My teeth are already wearing the lovely staining, and I knew I had to do something. I picked up the Colgate ProClinical and it did the trick! I loved the taste of it and it really felt like it was doing something magical to whiten my teeth! I really wish that I could continue buying this product, but with all of the better priced toothpastes out there, I really cannot. However, it is very nice to know that there is in fact a fool proof whitening toothpaste out there that really does work, and fast! I have recommended this toothpaste to my family members who have had the same problem with teeth yellowing.


Stanton, CA


The only toothpaste that has actual changed the color of my teet


If you've read my other toothpaste reviews, you will know that I'm always on a quest for toothpaste that I can "stomach." No, I don't eat it. To bring you up to speed, the taste of toothpaste (while brushing) causes me to gag and sometimes vomit. This toothpaste is no different in that respect. It's got a chalky consistency and "taste." I'm not sure what to refer to that as rather than taste. It's thick tasting. Now, with that being said, there are thousands of toothpastes that claim to dramatically whiten your teeth and this is the only toothpaste that I can honestly say that I've noticed a change in the color of my teeth. They are definitely whiter. Not to be modest but I'm not sure that my teeth really needed to be whitened very much. I'm not a smoker or anything and my teeth have never had an off-white or yellowish tint to them but somehow, I was still able to notice a slight change in the color by the end of the tube.


Ogden, IA


Squeaky Clean & Fresh


***Move over Crest 3D Vivid!I previously believed there was no other #1 toothpaste,until I tried Colgate Pro Clinical White.This product claims whiter teeth in just 1 tube but,actually you can see & feel results after the first use! I actually rubbed my index finger over my teeth and they squeaked like a clean glass window.Two thumbs up Colgate!!!***


Peoria, IL


Got the pearly whiles to prove it


I've been dying for white teeth for as long as I can remember. Not that mine are terribly unwhite, but they're nothing like they'd be if I just walked out of getting a Zoom tooth whitening at the dentist. Trouble is, those are ridiculously expensive, and I'm not willing to pay that much. So I needed the next best thing -- and that's the Colgate ProClinical toothpaste line. There are three variants, so you can choose a little. The point of all of them is to give you a dentist-like feel from home, even though there is whitening and enamel specific claims. After using this for a few days, I actually started to notice a difference. Okay, sure, you could argue that here was a placebo effect, but I actually believe that my teeth did get whiter. It wasn't that much of a difference. I mean, I wouldn't recommend this if you're getting married and are worried about wedding photos, but for an everyday product, this is worth the money.


Somewhere in, NY


Colgate ProClinical Daily Whitening Toothpaste, TRUE Whitener!!!


My household has run the gamut of trying whitening toothepastes...it seems I've bought them all!! I have a 17 year old son who is *very concerned about his appearance*. It's that time for Senior Pictures, his basketball team has been making history for our small city and the boys are constantly on television for interviews or sports highlights and he seemed to inherit my desire to have GREAT TEETH! I'm also very concerned with my teeth...I've never had any cavities and when I was younger, everyone always noticed my smile and commented on what pretty teeth I had (my son gets those same compliments). BUT, I smoke, drink LOTS of coffe & tea as well as diet soda, which all contributes to dingy looking teeth. We can't afford "professional whitening" from the dentist, and the whitener kits have yielded mediocre to poor results, especially for the price! It was definitely accidental that I purchase Colgate ProClinical Daily Whitening Toothpaste. I happened to have a manufacturer's coupon, it was on sale, and it had a peel-off coupon on the package making it just about free! I didn't necessarily have any expectations for the toothpaste, I just love a good bargain and only buy whitening toothpastes for my son and I. After a week to 10 days of using the toothpaste, my son said "mom, don't my teeth look whiter already?" I thought that they did, but I hadn't opened my box yet (he uses our upstairs bathroom & I'm in a wheelchair so naturally brush downstairs!) I decided to use one of those whitener scales that had come in something my son ordered months & months ago. So, about a month before my smoking "quit date," I decided to compare my tooth color on the scale and took a picture of myself, and my son. I decided to try not to compare my teeth until that quit date a month down the road,** but*** just like I do when I'm trying to lose weight, **I just had to see!*** This was also prompted by my son, who's basketball team had just made it to the State Championships and was comparing his teeth regularly since he'd be on state-wide television and has a HUGE SMILE kept asking me how his teeth looked. So, just 2 weeks after using Colgate ProClinical Whitening Toothpaste, I checked... ***My teeth had gone up 2 shade whiter than they were before!!!*** Ben's teeth looked pristinely white, and he told me I wasn't going to be buying him any other kind of toothpaste from now on, whether or not it was "on sale" or I "had coupons for it!" I'm looking forward to my teeth continuing to get whiter, and I'm ***ECSTATIC*** that my son has teeth that looks just like he came from the dentist in all of his newspaper photos, and just in time for the Senior Pictures that we're going to have done for his Graduation Announcements. I'm not sure I could give a better recommendation, because I have tried just about everything available at the grocery and drugstores & my son has ordered several different whitening methods sold on TV. I don't often give "perfect" recommendations about a product, but **Colgate ProClinical Daily Whitening Toothpaste is the TRUE Whitening Toothpaste! **Even though it's not a priority for my husband or youngest son (they both have sensitive teeth), they've started using it once a day at least, and using their Sensitive Tooth & Gum toothpaste the other times they brush. They've not had anymore problems with sensitivity since they switched, so I think this toothpaste is the right one for them, too! One last thing to add, the taste is great! It's minty and not like some of those other bleaching toothpastes, it leaves your breath fresh so you don't have to use mouthwash in addition to brushing like we've had to with a couple of other products we've tried.


Jamestown, NY


OW! Nearly cut my finger off trying to open the darn tube!"


**The packaging of this product is horrible!  wHY, OH WHY did Colgate think they had to be cute and reinvent the tube?  If you have arthritis, forget it.  I had to use pliers to get to the toothpaste!**


Olney, MD


Colgate ProClinical Daily Whitening Toothpaste, pricy one


this Colgate ProClinical Daily Whitening Toothpaste is not cheap. and it's very small. it's like double the price and half of the size compare to the regular colgate tooth paste. i bought it when it first came out, i like the clean feeling after using it. the flavor is good, also i like the cap, it will make this click when you close it completely, also it can standup straight on the counter top, save space and easy to organize. but still, it's a bit expensive for toothpaste that small. but it has the 'expensive' quality, so it's ok.


Sacramento, CA


Average toothpaste, nothing special. Does the job.


This toothpaste is like any other toothpaste. I got it using a coupon anad thought I'd try it because it was "expensive" and in a nifty box. The toothpaste stands on end which is kind of cool but I still lay it down on the counter. The cap was so bizarre to open the tube. You have to take off the cap, turn it upside down, place it on the tube end and push down til it clicks then twist so that the plastic peice on the tube top comes off. Why can't it just be a normal toothpaste cap and lid? It left toothpaste residue on my cap that still hasn't come off. This was very disappointing. The toothpaste itself was a light blue with gritty type stuff in it I guess for whitening. It doesn't whiten my teeth but oh well. The toothpaste foams up well and does a good job of cleaning. It tastes good and minty and doesn't leave any reside or bad taste in my mouth. Overall I'd recommend it as an average toothpaste but it's nothing special.


Columbus, OH


ProClinical is not so white or bright


I tried Colgate ProClinical and was not happy with the results. I did not feel that it whitened my teeth any more that regular toothpaste. The consistency was okay and the minty flavor was not bad but it did not do what it promised to. It was quite costly compared to other whitening toothpastes as well.


Scotrun, PA


Cleans... needs a wow factor though.


The toothpaste was good. I felt that my teeth were clean afterwards and left no grainy feel butit lacked that minty, fresh feeling that the original colgate gives. I did notice a difference in the white of my teeth but only after using it for aabout 2-3 months. I did have difficulties opening the lid at times as well


Hampton, VA


Colgate ProClinical Daily Whitening Toothpaste

3.9 38