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Coleman Lanterns (Non-specific)

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Propane is a Little Inconvenient


I was given a Coleman propane lantern, and it has worked quite well, but it definitely has its downsides. Personally, I like the light of a propane lantern better than a battery powered one, as I feel they give a brighter light. These lanterns are also well-built, so they can be taken on camping trips and beat around a little without problems (although obviously, care needs to be taken with the glass). But on the downside, the mantle inside can be somewhat inconvenient. It is sometimes difficult to get the mantle to light, and they also tear quite easily, which requires replacement. The other downside is simply in the weight of the lantern. Since it is so solidly made, the lantern itself has a bit of weight, and the portable propane tanks can also add a bit of weight. If I have a level surface, it's not a big deal since it will balance on the tank. But if there is not a good surface to set the lantern on, it needs a strong hook to hang, since anything weaker will likely give way under the weight. But besides these inconveniences, it is a great lantern.



Coleman Lanterns (Non-specific)

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