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Coleman Hot Water On Demand

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Coleman Hot Water on Demand - Fantastic for rustic camping!


The size of this unit makes it not quite ideal. But, when dusty and sweaty, having a warm water shower, with sprayer, is marvelous. I purchased the water heater, sprayer, carrying case, and faucet connection (which can only be used with pressurized water). It comes with a 5 gallon collapsible water container. No other water containers have the right size threaded opening. As the water is used up, the container collapses, so refilling it for a second shower means you have to squish out any air. I have also used this with a clear plastic bin - which is helpful because I can spray the water that is not quite hot enough, back into the bin and not waste it. When doing this, it is very important to place the motor-suck-up thing (?) with one side up (which is labeled). I love that I can recharge the contained battery at home (electric outlet) or, at camp with the "cigarette lighter" connection in my vehicle. Great to have hot water for dishes also. I've owned this for about 5 years and use it about 5 times a year. I have allowed other campers to use this (they have to supply their own water) and they love it. A bit more complicated but much better than the solar shower bags.



Coleman Hot Water On Demand

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