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Coleman Emergency Blanket

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Think outside the box.


Just because it is called a blanket that isn't all it's good for. It serves well as a wind break to protect you from chilling winds when you're exposed. With a few pieces of string you can easily make a temporary weather proof leanto by tying its corners to some saplings. Cover seating areas on a picnic table when you forgot your plastic. A lightweight take along you won't regret having with you.



This Emergency Blanket is ugly, but could save your life


If you are enjoying a sunny day in the outdoors it may be hard to believe you are at risk for hypothermia. But hypothermia, which occurs when your body temperature drops too low, can strike quickly and cause death. One way to reduce the dangers of hypothermia is to have a **Coleman Emergency Blanket**. This emergency blanket folds up into a surprisingly small 5'' X 2.5'' packet, yet unfolds to 52" X 84". It's made of synthetic materials like polyester and has a bright, shiny coating - like a giant sheet of aluminum foil. If you think it looks like something an astronaut would wear, you are right. The technology for emergency blankets developed out of the U.S. space program. How does the **Coleman Emergency Blanket** work?  By just wrapping the blanket around you it will trap 90% of your body heat so you can maintain warmth. The emergency blanket is also waterproof and windproof so you could use it as an emergency raincoat or just to protect yourself from high winds. It's designed not to rip or crack either. Some of the symptoms of hypothermia are shivering, chattering teeth, cold skin, fatigue, slurred speech, and a lower-than-usual heart rate. Hypothermia often occurs when someone gets wet outdoors and cannot dry off and find warm clothing, or simply being inadequately dressed for cold weather. Hypothermia is treatable if caught in time and seeking immediate medical help is advised. But helping the victim right away can be done by following some specific guidelines. The person must be moved to a warmer environment, have wet clothes removed, dressed warmly, and given warm beverages. If hypothermia is severe sharing body heat will be required. It may be surprising, but applying heating pads or immersing the person in hot water is not recommended, since doing so could direct cold blood from all part of the body to the heart and brain. Instead, apply warm compresses to the neck and chest region to warm the blood flowing in those areas first, while professional medical attention is being sought. I take the **Coleman Emergency Blanket **on camping trips and when I am going to be outdoors for a long period of time. It's a good emergency item to have on hand in your vehicle too, or in the home if a storm (like a hurricane) may leave you stranded without heat for a period of time. Although it's not a foolproof device, it can help save someone from hypothermia until medical attention can be found.

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Coleman Emergency Blanket

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