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Coleman Butane/Propane Fuel Canister

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A small but powerful fuel for your Coleman stove


I often use a small single-burner stove when camping called the [Coleman F1 Exponent Camping Stove][1] .  This stove requires a fuel source that screws onto the bottom of the stove's connector, and I use the **Coleman Butane/Propane fuel canister**. The fuel cansiater not only provides a source of energy for the stove, but also serves as its base. **Coleman Butane/Propane fuel canister** contains a mixture of 70% butane and 30% propane.  The advantage of this fuel is the sealed, lightweight canister which is easy to transport and use.  This mixture also provides a powerful fuel source so the stove can produce a nice, hot flame.  An 8 ounce canister will provide up to 2 hours worth of flame for the stove, which is often enough for a camping weekend. Some drawbacks to this type of fuel mixture is that is does not perform well in colder weater; its best for summetime use. It also does not perform well in very high-altitudes. The cansiter is also under pressure, so puncturing it or placing it near a camp fire present a real hazard. It should also be used only outdoors due to the fumes produced. You canot recycle the canister either. This type of **Coleman Butane/Propane fuel canister** is widely available and sold in both 4 and 8 ounce sizes. In my experinece its also good to have a spare canister on hand in case you use more than expected. The fuel has always worked properly for me and will self-seal when the stove's attachment is removed from the canister. I recommend the **Coleman Butane/Propane fuel canister** if you have a single-burner camping stove for which it is desginated. It will reliably provide several hours of fuel and is relatively easy to store and use. You'll just need to keep some of the potentially hazardous elements that this or any other fuel source poses. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Coleman-Exponent-F1-Powerboost-Backpacker-Camping-Stove-review-b23d7


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Coleman Butane/Propane Fuel Canister

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