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Coleman Bendable Butane Lighter

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Now you can light up anytime, anyplace, anywhere...


Some time ago Butane matchless lighters began replacing matches for all kinds of lighting tasks.  The convenience of the lighters has earned them a spot in camping and household basic tools.  One lighter has emerged as the top dog; the **Coleman bendable butane lighter** is king.  Coleman has improved the convenience of regular butane lighters by adding a flexible flame extension shaft that bends in all directions so that you can reach even the toughest places needing a light.  Best of all, it takes the anxiety out of lighting a gas grill or jar candle while helping keep your fingers intact.  The plastic lighter handle has an adjustable mechanism to allow you to make the right sized flame for the task at hand.  This particular lighter is refillable although Coleman makes a disposable one as well.  Once I tried this lighter I was hooked.  Goodbye matches- Hello Coleman.  They are easy to use, inexpensive and much safer than matches.  I keep several on hand: one in the camping gear, one with the BBQ tools, one upstairs for emergency oil lamp lighting and one in the bathroom to light the candles around the garden tub when I have the time to soak... 

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Coleman Bendable Butane Lighter

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