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Coleman 807-804T Waffle Maker

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Waffles over the fire!


My kids favorite breakfast ever is waffles, and I have to make it for them everytime I make breakfast. When we are out camping, they are always asking for them and I found these and a camping store and grabbed three of them. These are the coolest things that I have ever used. I do highly recommend that you season these before you use them, they are cast iron and making sure they are nicely seasoned will help a lot. Also, make sure that you put a nice coating or butter or a non stick spray in it before you use it each time, if you don't do that then the waffles will stick. After that all that you need to do is pour the mix in them and shut it, then you put it over the fire and let it sit for about ten minutes. The mix starts to leak out when it gets close to done and then you just open it a bit to tell for sure. They are convenient and easy to use and it makes it easy to be able to have waffles no matter where you are at.



Coleman 807-804T Waffle Maker

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