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Coleman 4-in-1 QuickBed 5998A390

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amazing coleman wow


I love this coleman ,Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed King or Twin Size It was great to have the option to do 4 in one. Sometimes i have a friend come spend the night and they make it a twin and if we have coups they like king.  I will say the ridge are not nice they should make it one flate surface. I have a cat who still has her nails and she don't rip it. i would love to see if they would make this a different color for like kids but in this 4 to 1 so when my sons friends are over they can all be on this sleeping or watching tv or what ever they choose to do when they should be sleeping. my kid jumps on rolls every thing on as his little gi joe toys boncing on it and rolling over it . When it rolled up it can fit under his bed so it pretty great for spaces. We have had it for a good while.   one day we should be able to make it for camping, that will probley never get the chance to happend. at lef

Chincoteague Island, VA


Good night's sleep!


I've got two and use them for camping,sleepovers,stays with wife in the hospital and more.During my recent divorce I was forced to sleep in my shop for a week and discovered that even with less, (but alot less disturbed),sleep than usual I woke up refreshed and my back pain I suffer with was improved by at least 50% from when I was sleeping on a king sized mattress in the house.I have continued to sleep on the Coleman air mattress ever since.I put one one on top of the other on the bed frame and got rid of the box springs and mattress.

Hartwell, GA


very comfy!


our family of 4 goes camping alot so having a nice comfy place to sleep makes us want to extend the trips and make more of them. this mattress give us that.  it is easy to set up and inflate, even our youngest, he's 4, can do it. we have bought 4 of them in the last year and they are very durable and easey to use. this mattress will  inflate quickly and hold the air very well. when it is time to pack up they roll up and store easily as well, light weight and does not take up much space, with 4 kids that van can get pretty full pretty quickly.  we have used these mattresses at our house as guest beds for when we have more people than beds. the kids have even used them in the back yard to play camping. my daughter has a habit of  inflating one in the back yard and just laying out there and reading a book in the sunshine. it also washes easily with a garden hose incase you spill anything on it.

Boyce, LA


Coleman 4-in-1 QuickBed 5998A390

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