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Coghlan's Tent Whisk Broom & Dust Pan

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A dandy housekeeping tool.


I love to go camping and will always have this combo with me when I go. Tracking in wet soil, sand and leaves comes with camping. But you also bring in bugs and ants. Not so good. Having a means to sweep them up and put them back outside is a comforting convenience. Makes that camping experience just that much more enjoyable.



Tent wisk broom was very helpful..


 The tent wisk broom was very help ful when cleaning out my tent after my kids decided to play with sand in the tent. I couldn't quite clean with a full size broom without hitting the top and sides of the tent. The coleman tent wisk broom gave me the movement I needed to clean out the sand from my tent.

Summerfield, FL


Tiny in size, mighty big in convenience


For tent campers one of the biggest problems is all the little debris that gets tracked inside.  No matter how hard you try to remove you boots and shake them out, granules of dirt still find their way in your tent.  The **Coghlan's Tent Whisk Broom and Dust Pan **will be your tent's best friend. Grit can grind in underfoot, and soon your tent floor gets worn and dirty.  Try to get that dirt out before that happens!  This broom & dustpan's compact size allow it to accompany you just about anywhere that you can take your tent.  Compact, durable,  & lightweight, it doesn't take up much room in a pack.  Ultralighters, of course, will choose to do without this "luxury" item on the trail.  But once back home, this is a handy tool for that after-trip cleaning that a tent requires. Best of all, this unit is relatively inexpensive.  And it works in those smaller tents where bigger brooms just can't function.   The only drawback is that a tiny broom requires more time on your knees, trying to get every inch of the tent floor covered.  But camping requires certain sacrifices. This is a handy tool to keep in a car glovebox, too.  Everyone eventually tracks gravel and dirt into their car on wet days.  Whip this broom out and you can have a cleaner floorboard in only a minute.  Keep one around the house for those quick spill clean-ups in the kitchen or in hard-to-reach corners.

Denver, CO


Coghlan's Tent Whisk Broom & Dust Pan is an affordable classic


The only drawback to this product would be the top-positioned handle. A side handle would allow for easier use in corners. That aside, it's small, easy to clean, and extremely long-lived. I've had one for over 15 years and it's not brittle, and still holds all the sweeping fibers without them breaking off. I use it car camping and motel stays. 

Minneapolis, MN


The Tent Whisk and Dust Pan keeps your tent floor dirt free


*I like to keep my tent clean and when I am car camping, the **Tent Whisk/Broom with Dust Pan** from Coghlan's does a good job at doing that.  It's basically a miniature dust pan and broom that lets you get dirt, dust and other junk out of your tent quickly and easily.* I also like the Whisk and Dust Pan because it's small, only weights three and a half ounces can easily be packed away with your other car camping gear. Anyone who's gone camping knows that dirt and debris always make it into the tent, no matter how hard you try to avoid it and that once it's in the tent, this stuff isn't always that easy to get out.  Not so with the Whisk and Dust Pan.  Just sweep it up and out and you're tent is clean. I really only use the Whisk and Dust pan when we are car camping because while it's light and small, it's nothing something I'd really want to pack into my backpack.  So in the campground, as dirt comes into the tent, I can clean it up quickly with the Whisk and Dust Pan and keep the tent a lot cleaner than I could without it. **My Take** I don't think the **Tent Whisk with Dust Pan** is really something for backpackers, but for car campers who like a neat tent, this thing is a godsend.  It makes it easy to clean your tent and keep it relatively free of dirt and other debris.   I make sure it's always packed when I head out car camping.

Metrowest, MA


Coghlan's Tent Whisk Broom & Dust Pan

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